What is Guest Posting and How to Write a Guest Post?

Guest Posting

A Guest Post is a piece of writing published on someone else’s blog. When you post something on your own blog, it’s simply known as a “post,”. But when you write for someone else’s blog, you’re known as a “guest.” Guest posts are extremely useful for reputation marketing since they provide several benefits. Like the opportunity to have your brand mentioned or display sponsored search results. However, most people utilize them to link back to their websites.

Guest Posting

Guest posting has been around for many years. Even before Google, there were articles being submitted to be featured in other publications as guest articles. Its work is very simple. Someone emails an editor saying they have some information that can help out their readers. You should publish this, and if it’s a match, the editor publishes the article on their site.

Today guest posting is a relatively easy process. Thanks to plenty of tools out there that make it simple for bloggers to find websites looking for content. You can also contact other bloggers who have interest in publishing your articles using the comment feature on their blog posts. Where they’ll usually given instructions on how to get started. Or you can go directly to a publication’s guest post page where they list what kind of submissions they’d like to see.

How to write guest post?

As discussed earlier, guest posting is like posting on someone else blog. Where you act like a guest. The question is, how to write a guest post. Well, writing a guest post is easy and not that much complex as compared to writing a blog post. It’s a post of about 800-1000 words. Such writing will focus on already written blog post on your website. You have keep that in mind and follow the plan. After completion, you have to put your blog link as hyperlink to the targeted keyword. You can put as many hyperlinks but keep that in mind, the website where you are posting accepts one or more hyperlinks.

Furthermore, the more you write guest post, the more will be your ranking chances. Also, confirms that the websites you are posting provides Do-follow or No-follow backlink. This is for because No-follow backlink have no or lesser value. Besides that, Do-follow backlinks are higher in value and also google gives more value to such backlinks. In addition, guest posts drive more organic traffic to your websites.

Importance of Guest Blogging

Guest posts are great because they let you acquire high-quality backlinks in a relatively easy fashion. Guest posting also gives you exposure to new audiences and helps develop an organic audience. Links are still important when it comes to SEO. The idea is that the more quality links pointing back at your site, the better will be the quality of your website. How much good these links do for you comes down to the relevancy of the sites that are linking back to you. If they’re relevant and come from quality web properties it has the ability of helping your website rank higher.

Guest posts give them a chance to rank higher than their competitors. Guest posting is also important in way that it provides google with multiple notification of your website’s presence. More elaborately, your links and data will be available at multiple places. Getting quality backlinks from quality websites also ranks your website higher. Google too gives more value to the sites which have backlinks from recognized and of quality websites.


To conclude, guest blogging can give you exposure to new audiences and help develop an organic audience. It makes it easier for people to find your material when they search for something related to the products published on the site. You might not always get a lot of direct traffic from guest posts. But mostly, it will give you better results.

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