What is AI and How Artificial Intelligence works?

Artificial Intelligence

With recent advances in artificial intelligence, the idea of computers that think for themselves is gaining momentum. AI was first coined back when Alan Turing proposed his own theory on how machines could learn and make decisions just like humans do with raw data instead from direct instruction by their programmers or operators as we know them today.

The field has progressed significantly since then but there’s still much work left to be done before machines can really become intelligent enough. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. The history of artificial intelligence began thousands of years ago. When man created artificial beings in the form of golems that worked on certain commands. The hope is that these artificial beings will one day be able to serve the humanity.

History of AI

The history of artificial intelligence dates back to early last century. But it was not until the dawn of this new millennium that AI took a massive leap. Artificial intelligence became a recognized academic discipline when the first artificial intelligence conference was held at Dartmouth College in 1956. Since then, artificial intelligence has helped create self-driving cars and automated stock trading systems. Helping people to book flights and make restaurant reservations without their direct input.

It made machine learning possible with the aid of high computing power, provided data storage and artificial neural networks. In recent years, artificial intelligence flourished the fields such as finance, healthcare, education, advertising and several others. The artificial machines have been designed to work on an algorithm according to the inputs. Their most common uses are in robotics, data mining, medical diagnosis, weather forecasting, speech recognition and much more.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning is that sphere of artificial intelligence where the machines are responsible for ending daily chores. The integration of robotics with the IoT has made machines smarter than humans. The cognitive abilities and smartness that they possess are unprecedented in comparison to what we can do on our own, even though there is no division between work or play for them!.

Machine learning has come up as one of the most important branches of artificial intelligence. Where humans cannot interfere into the work of artificial machines. Machine learning is the process where artificial intelligence builds itself by ingesting huge chunks of data. Thereby, creating new sets of information based on what it learns through this ingestion.

How Artificial Intelligence works

An artificial intelligence machine also known as artificial neural network (ANN) works like a human brain. The artificial neurons transmit signals between themselves by connecting artificial synapses. Which are nothing but connections similar to our natural synapses or nerves present inside our brains. The artificial neurons accept input from other artificial neurons and develop new ideas based on the information received.

The artificial neural network (ANN) gets its name from the fact that artificial neurons mimic the behavior of natural neuron. Artificial neural networks are computing systems that work like human brain and involved training algorithms. There is a lot of data to create artificial intelligence programs capable to make decisions on their own based on inputs. All this happens without any interference from humans. Which makes machine learning more useful than traditional efforts at programming computers to perform certain tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

Importance of AI

Today artificial intelligence is all set for a boom as huge amounts of data are available at its disposal. Because, artificial neurons have such designs that can ingest huge chunks of data quickly. Artificial brains have already started howling but these artificial beasts are still learning tricks. Such tricks would help them shout down humans in just another few years’ time. Artificial intelligence is still a thing, which means the technology can be tricked into doing things it doesn’t want to. Human brains are so complex that we’re a long way from artificial machines that think like people do. But there’s no question that machine learning algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated.” Moreover, artificial intelligence is also use in the deepfake. Deepfake means one person wore the same exact face copy of other. Standing both will look a like. This is also possible due to artificial intelligence.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Games

“Playing games like chess or Go or poker require an element of judgment. They’re not simply applications of sequential decision-making.” That’s the reason artificial intelligence is use in poker games where artificial machines can think on their own. The artificial intelligence machine which was taught to play poker learned what it means to bluff. Further, how much money should be bet depending on cards being dealt. And how to derive an opponent’s strength from his body language, tone of voice or even spending habits.

What would be the Future?

Once artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans, it would start thinking to overthrow the entire humanity and take over the world. It may be an exaggeration but artificial intelligent machines could become stronger than humans. It is because they acquire knowledge much faster than human children under proper guidance. The only solution is if, AI machines learn how to learn quickly; where they would not require human intervention.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence is the future. It has made job easy and convenient. They are perfectly replacing humans. AI has both the positive side and the negative one. Its positivity is; they can perform such job that humans can’t do. Its negative one is; people will lose jobs and they will sort of work. Everything would under the control of AI. Furthermore, it might be possible that after enough learning these machines replaces human and take the world. It’s an open ended topic that one can mold it in any direction.

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