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Visa Free countries US

The United States has a very influential passport. The global ranking of The US passport in Henley Passport Index 2022 is 7th along with Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland. Visa-free countries US includes 186 different countries and territories.

The US passport holders have also visa-free access to 27 of the European Union countries. Some countries require a visa on arrival or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) as well if you are traveling to them. Though the United States gives its citizens liberty to travel, there are a few countries it has put travel restrictions for safety reasons.

Index of Visa Free Countries US 2022

A list of visa free countries US citizens can travel to is below for further information.


Country Requirement of Visa Stay Permit
Algeria On arrival visa
Angola Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 30 days
Benin Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 90 days
Botswana Visa-free 90 days
Burkina Faso On arrival visa 1 month
Burundi On arrival visa 1 month
Cape Verde Visa-free 30 days
Central African Republic Visa-free 180 days
Comoros On arrival visa  
Djibouti On arrival visa 31 days
Egypt On arrival visa 30 days
Equatorial Guinea Visa-free 90 days
Eswatini Visa-free 30 days
Ethiopia On arrival visa up to 90 days
Gabon On arrival visa 6 months
Gambia On arrival visa  
Guinea Electronic Visa (e-Visa) Up to 5 years
Guinea-Bissau On arrival visa 90 days
Ivory Coast Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 3 months
Kenya Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 3 months
Lesotho Visa-free 14 days
Madagascar On arrival visa 90 days
Malawi On arrival visa  
Mauritania On arrival visa  
Mauritius Visa-free 60 days
Mayotte Visa-free 90 days
Morocco Visa-free 3 months
Mozambique On arrival visa 30 days
Namibia Visa-free 3 months
Rwanda On arrival visa 30 days
Sao Tome and Principe Visa-free 15 days
Senegal Visa-free 90 days
Seychelles On arrival visa 3 months
Sierra Leone On arrival visa
Somalia On arrival visa
South Africa Visa-free 90 days
South Sudan Electronic Visa (e-Visa)
Tanzania On arrival visa 3 months
Togo On arrival visa 7 days
Tunisia Visa-free 90 days
Uganda On arrival visa 90 days
Zambia On arrival visa 90 days
Zimbabwe On arrival visa 3 months


Country Requirement of     Visa Stay Permit
Antigua and Barbuda Visa-free 6 months
Argentina Visa-free 90 days
Bahamas Visa-free 8 months
Barbados Visa-free 6 months
Belize Visa-free 30 days
Bolivia On arrival visa 30 days
Brazil Visa-free 90 days
Canada Visa-free 6 months
Chile Visa-free 90 days
Colombia Visa-free 90 days
Costa Rica Visa-free 90 days
Dominica Visa-free 6 months
Dominican Republic Visa-free 30 days
Ecuador Visa-free 90 days
El Salvador Visa-free 3 months
French Guiana Visa-free 3 months
Grenada Visa-free 3 months
Guatemala Visa-free 90 days
Guyana Visa-free 3 months
Haiti Visa-free 3 months
Honduras Visa-free 3 months
Jamaica Visa-free 6 months
Mexico Visa-free 180 days
Nicaragua Visa-free 90 days
Panama Visa-free 180 days
Paraguay On arrival visa 90 days
Peru Visa-free 90 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa-free 3 months
Saint Lucia Visa-free 6 weeks
St. Vincent and Grenadines Visa-free 6 months
Suriname Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 90 days
Trinidad and Tobago Visa-free 90 days
Uruguay Visa-free 3 months


Country Requirement of     Visa Stay Permit
Armenia Visa-free 180 days
Azerbaijan On arrival visa 30 days
Bahrain On arrival visa 14 days
Bangladesh On arrival visa 30 days
Brunei Visa-free 90 days
Cambodia On arrival visa 30 days
Georgia Visa-free 1 year
Hong Kong Visa-free 90 days
Indonesia On arrival visa 30 days
India Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 180 days
Iraq On arrival visa 60 days
Israel Visa-free 3 months
Japan Visa-free  
Jordan On arrival visa 30 days
Kazakhstan Visa-free 30 days
Kuwait On arrival visa 3 months
Kyrgyzstan Visa-free 60 days
Laos On arrival visa 30 days
Lebanon On arrival visa 30 days
Macao Visa-free 30 days
Malaysia Visa-free 3 months
Maldives On arrival visa 30 days
Mongolia Visa-free 90 days
Myanmar Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 28 days
Nepal On arrival visa 90 days
Oman Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 10 days / 30 days
Pakistan ETA 30 days
Palestinian Territories Visa-free  
Qatar Visa-free 30 days
Saudi Arabia On arrival visa 90 days
Singapore Visa-free 90 days
South Korea ETA 90 days
Sri Lanka ETA 30 days
Taiwan Visa-free 90 days
Tajikistan On arrival visa 30 days
Turkey Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 3 months
Thailand Visa-free 30 days
Timor-Leste On arrival visa 30 days
United Arab Emirates On arrival visa 30 days
Uzbekistan Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 30 days
Vietnam Electronic Visa (e-Visa) 30 days

Caribbean and North Atlantic

Territories Requirement of     Visa Stay Permit
Anguilla Visa-free 3 months
Aruba Visa-free 30 days
Bermuda Visa-free 6 months
British Virgin Islands  Visa-free 30 days
Cayman Islands Visa-free 6 months
French West Indies Visa-free 3 months


Country Requirement of     Visa Stay Permit
Albania Visa-free 1 year
Andorra Visa-free 3 months
Austria Visa-free 90 days
Belarus Visa-free  
Belgium Visa-free 90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa-free 90 days
Bulgaria Visa-free 90 days
Croatia Visa-free 90 days
Cyprus Visa-free 90 days
Czech Republic Visa-free 90 days
Denmark Visa-free 90 days
Estonia Visa-free 90 days
Finland Visa-free 90 days
France Visa-free 90 days
Germany Visa-free 90 days
Greece Visa-free 90 days
Hungary Visa-free 90 days
Iceland Visa-free 90 days
Ireland Visa-free 3 months
Italy Visa-free 90 days
Kosovo Visa-free 90 days
Latvia Visa-free 180 days
Liechtenstein Visa-free 90 days
Lithuania Visa-free 90 days
Luxembourg Visa-free 90 days
Malta Visa-free 90 days
Moldova Visa-free 90 days
Monaco Visa-free 90 days
Montenegro Visa-free 90 days
Netherlands Visa-free 90 days
North Macedonia Visa-free 90 days
Norway Visa-free 90 days
Poland Visa-free 90 days
Portugal Visa-free 90 days
Romania Visa-free 90 days
San Marino Visa-free  
Serbia Visa-free 90 days
Slovakia Visa-free 90 days
Slovenia Visa-free 90 days
Spain Visa-free 90 days
Sweden Visa-free 90 days
Switzerland Visa-free 90 days
Transnistria Visa-free 24 hours
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Visa-free 3 months
Ukraine Visa-free 90 days
United Kingdom Visa-free 6 months
Vatican City Visa-free  


Country Requirement of     Visa Stay Permit
Australia ETA 90 days
Cook Islands Visa-free 31 days
Fiji Visa-free 4 months
French Polynesia Visa-free 90 days
Kiribati Visa-free 30 days
Marshall Islands Visa-free Unlimited
Micronesia Visa-free Unlimited
New Zealand ETA 3 months
Niue On arrival visa 30 days
Palau Visa-free 1 year
Papua New Guinea On arrival visa 60 days
Pitcairn Islands Visa-free 14 days
Samoa On arrival visa 60 days
Solomon Islands On arrival visa 3 months
Tonga On arrival visa 31 days
Tuvalu On arrival visa 1 month
Vanuatu Visa-free 30 days

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a passport and a visa?

A passport is basically an identification document issued by your country for traveling to a foreign country whereas a visa is an access to travel to another country given to you by the embassy of the country you are planning to visit.

How a passport is ranked on Henley Passport Index?

The more visa-free access to different countries, a country gives to its citizens through its passport higher are its chances to get ranked on Henley Passport Index.

What is the rank of a US passport in the Henley Passport Index of 2022?

US passport is on 7th rank in Henley Passport Index 2022.

Which countries are travel restricted for US citizens?

Cuba, North Korea, and Syria have travel restrictions for US passport holders.


Though the US has some of the most visited cities and destinations in the world but its own citizens want to travel to the rest of the world as well. The visa-free countries offer US citizens the freedom to travel without worrying about long visa processes. But still, there are some countries like Russia, the Philippines, China, and Bhutan which require a visa to enter their territory.

However, the US gives travel freedom to visit various destinations of the world visa-free or you can also get an on-arrival visa. Lastly, you should be well aware of your passport validity before traveling, so that you could have a valid passport to avoid any inconveniences in a foreign land.

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