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US Home Security Companies

Taking care of the house and family is the core duty that requires security system. A system that would help in keeping you informed of the in and out of your home in your absence. It will aware you of any intruders or other environmental threats. Such a system could be better acquired from the US top home security companies.

About Security System

A smart home security system is the need of the time in today’s world. One cannot rely upon the security guards but also needs extra pairs of eyes that can help in securing your home and family. Such a system will help you in maintaining the in and out of your home and there will be no chance for anyone to come without your permission. Similarly, it will help you aware of any intruders, or environmental threats such as fire and flood, etc. In addition, such a system will let you monitor everything, and will giving you simple and flexible security. Furthermore, such a system will help you to go anywhere for a business trip without a single thought of family protection.

Security Measures

Moreover, this system includes; the best home security camera system that helps in monitoring all the happenings in real-time. Besides, it also has some ring home security systems that will alarm you of any unfavorable conditions. Furthermore, the best DIY home security system, adds the option for self-monitoring service. Last but not the least, a door security system that secures the entrance with its advanced technology. Most interestingly, you can also control the whole security system from a mobile app. Now, coming to the crux of the topic.

Home Security Companies

Following, I have mentioned 3 top home security companies in the US and organized them based on their age and ratings. Such companies have the best overall rating in the whole US and provide the best services with customer satisfaction.

1. ADT Security System

Company’s Background

American District Telegraph, ADT, is the US oldest security company. They are serving the people since 1874. Edward Callahan, the founder of ADT, make a connection of 50 houses through a telegraph called “call-box” to the central office to inform the authority in time of the crime. This was the first security network. During 1920-1940, they started 24/7 monitoring service and thousands of customers have been linked. Later, they also came up with a fire alarm system. They never stopped and in 2010, they launched ADT Pulse. Such was complete ADT home security system that includes different security products and is controlling through an app.

ADT Products

Today, ADT is counted in the top home security companies of the US. It has a century of excellence. The company has different home security products like security panels, security cameras, identity theft protection, and ADT mobile app. Furthermore, they have better packages with affordable prices and quality products that are satisfactory. For better user experience, they also have added Google Assistance that adds voice commands to control the whole security system. Today, the company has 6 million active users with 17,000 employees in around 200 locations in the United States.

ADT Packages

Price$45.99 per month$49.99 per month$59.99 per month
Intruder recognitionYesYesYes
Flood, Fire, and CO DetectionYesYesYes
Voice ControlYesYesYes
Mobile AccessNoYesYes
Smart HomeNoYesYes
Video SurveillanceNoNoYes
Save video ClipsNoNoYes


  • 140+ Years of Experience
  • 6-months money-back guarantee
  • Theft Protection guarantee
  • Landline and cellular monitoring
  • Professional installation


  • Long term contracts (36 months monitoring contract)
  • Installation fee (depending on the package, starts from $99 to $199)

User Experience

Rebecca Edwards is a security expert and tech reporter. She reviewed by claiming ADT the top security company all over the US. Which gives you a 24/7 monitoring service. It has affordable prices that start from $60 a month with complete monitoring services.


Does ADT require Internet?

ADT does work with and without an internet connection. if you have a smart home security connection, it requires internet. But, if you have a basic connection, you don’t need an internet connection.

Does ADT work without power?

Yes! It does work without power because it has an already installed batteries that gives you enough backup.

2. Vivint Security System

Company’s Background

Vivint smart home is the US and one of the world’s top 50 home security companies listed by the Fast Company Magazine in 2017. Vivint is the best home security company in North America. It was founded in 1999, and to date has installed more than 20 million smart devices in-home and over 1.7 million customers all over the US and in Canada. The company is dedicated to provide good and intelligent products with the best services. The Smart Home Pros delivers the product with professional installation and also 24/7 monitoring service and customer care.

Vivint Products

Vivint has a variety of products flexible prices and plans. The company offers the product of different categories such as security sensors, garage door control, smart locks, thermostats, and cameras. Furthermore, for the ease of the user, they can also be controlled using an app through Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Moreover, rarely, such company worth billions and in 2012, The Blackstone Group got the company for $2billion. In January 2020, it became part of the New York Stock Exchange.

Vivint Packages

              $29.99/month              $39.99/month        Starts at $44.99/month
              Mobile Access              Mobile Access              Mobile Access
              Medical Support              Medical Support              Medical Support
              24/7 monitoring              24/7 monitoring              24/7 monitoring
Entry, smoke, and CO recognitionEntry, smoke, and CO recognitionEntry, smoke, and CO recognition
        Smart home assimilation       Smart home assimilation
                Video monitoring


  • Professional Installation
  • App control, Alexa
  • Wireless Equipment
  • customizable features
  • Monthly subscription


  • No DIY installation option
  • A bit Expensive

User Experience

According to Rebecca Edwards, “Vivint is impressive home security that gives smart, professional, and customized installation. It is high in price but has a reason behind it that provides you with better cameras and other security systems that worth it”.


Is Vivint a good security system?

Yes! Vivint is the best security system and installed professionally. They have users all over the US and Canada. Vivint provides you with 24/7 service. It has higher prices but they worth it because of their high-quality products.

Does Vivint call the police?

Vivint will first try to contact you through the primary number to inform you of any unfavorable conditions. If you did not pick up the call, then they will use the second number, and if still, you have a problem connecting. They will then call the police.

3. Simplisafe Security System

Company’s Background

Simplisafe home security is another leading company that has 15-years of excellence and serving the people of the US Since 2006. According to the reviews and user experience, it is the second top home security company in the US. It was started by several Harvard friends in a home. The company started growing rapidly with a better user experience. In May 2014, according to a report that the company has 100,000 active users and the second fastest-growing company in the US. On June 29, 2018, it was announced that Simplisafe is worth US 1B$, with active employees of over 900.

Simplisafe Products

Simplisafe provides unique and flexible products that are of quality and matches the user’s requirements. They include; Simplisafe cameras, heat sensors, smoke detector, motion detector, offers a smart lock, alarming system, automatic door lock, and doorbells. Simplisafe has monthly packages that are at affordable prices. Moreover, it is also integrated with a mobile app from where you can control the whole security system. Later, in 2018, Simplisafe users also have the option of Amazon Alexa. In addition, it also has a DIY security system. In July 2020, CNET, an American media website, named it the best alarm system.

Simplisafe Packages

Simplisafe PackagesPriceProducts QuantityFeatures
The Haven$39114 PiecesTo monitor water damage and fire
The Knox$35913 PiecesBetter for large homes
The Hearth$29909 PiecesHas an extra 105dB siren
The Essentials$20706 PiecesMost affordable price for complete home security
The Foundation$18304 PiecesPerfect for single-family homes

Simplisafe Monthly Packages

Features               Standard Plan             Interactive Plan
Monthly Cost                     $14.99                     $24.99
24/7 Live Monitoring                         Yes                         Yes
Medical Emergency                         Yes                         Yes
Fire Alert                         Yes                         Yes
Unlimited Video                         Yes                         Yes
Mobile App Access                         No                         Yes
Water Detection                         No                         Yes
Temperature Detection                         No                         Yes
Advance Remote Alerts( SMS, Emails)                         No                         Yes


  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • Lower monthly charges
  • No contracts
  • Easy and smart setup
  • System batteries last for long


  • Lower facial recognition
  • The package does not cover outdoor Cameras
  • For outdoor security, you have to buy a SimpliCam separately

User Experience

Katlynn M one of the reviewer on BBB website said that the best service that she has ever received from a company. She was greatly satisfied by the products and the installation provided by the company.


Does Simplisafe Provides outdoor cameras?

Yes! They provide the outdoor cameras with better suits to protect it from rain and other bad conditions. But such cameras must in the range of Wi-Fi to be in a connection.

Do Simplisafe cameras are compatible with night vision?

Simplisafe cameras have night vision with HD features. They can provide you clarity even in low light. So that you become safe all the time.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the above-mentioned companies are the top home security companies all over the US. I have categorized them on the basis of their foundation date. All of the companies are better in one or another. They provide better customer services with 24/7 monitoring. Till to date, all of them have better user experience and have well ratings. These companies provide quality products with a guarantee. Moreover, they have different monthly packages and plan with affordable prices according to the services they are providing. In the end, dealing with any of the above companies will work according to your desire and can give your home complete safety.

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