5 Top Online Consignment Stores To Sell Online

Top Online Consignment Stores

The fashion industry is on the rise forever, and so is the resale industry and online consignment stores are leading the charge as well. The top online consignment stores offer you a choice to shop for sustainable fashion by providing affordable deals.

Nowadays you do not have to rummage through racks and racks of clothes to find a perfect item for yourself, you can simply look for it online from the comforts of your own home. To help you get started on your consignment store journey, we’ve compiled a list of stores for you. No matter if you are looking for high-street labels or luxury designer items, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Your Guide to Sell at Top Online Consignment Stores

Our Top Picks

• ThredUp
• Poshmark
• Tradesy
• The RealReal
• LePrix



The online consignment store portrays a more sustainable fashion future by offering second hand clothing and accessories. ThredUP is an online platform for people to buy and sell their used products conveniently. This eco-friendly store provides you with high quality products from numerous brands like Gap, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew as well. They have also expanded to selling handbags, jewelry and shoes. Every time someone buys or sells at ThredUp, they serve the community by donation of clothes by partnering with Goodwill.

How to use?

ThredUP allows you to sell your used clothing and accessories for some extra cash by following the simple process below:

1. Create an account.
2. Start listing your items.
3. Choose to either ship your items to ThredUP or drop them off at a local consignment shop.
4. Received items will be inspected and photographed.
5. If everything looks good, your items will be listed for sale on the ThredUP website.
6. When someone buys one of your items, you will receive a percentage of the sale price.

Shipment Method

• A shipping kit is provided to you that include a shipping label and instructions.
• You can also print your own shipping label by logging into your account on the ThredUP website.
• Pack the product and attach the provided shipping label.
• Drop it off at your nearest post office or UPS location.
• Products will be listed on the website after being processed at ThredUP.


Here’s how to get started:

1. Add items to your online closet.
2. Set your prices.
3. When an item sells, you’ll receive an email notification.
4. Once the item arrives and is accepted by ThredUp, you’ll be paid via PayPal or check within 14 days.

Pros & cons

• Saves money on clothing.
• You can often find designer brands.
• Time-consuming.
• Everything is not always in stock.
• The prices are not always low.




This online marketplace is perfect if you are decluttering your closet and planning to sell your stuff. Poshmark is an amazing place to buy and sell new or gently used clothing and accessories. Buyers have free shipping opportunities so no one can rob your profits. A percentage of sales are taken by Poshmark otherwise items are shipped directly from the seller to the buyer and you can earn money from your closet.

How to use?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to use Poshmark:

1. Create an account by signing up.
2. Fill out your profile information.
3. Take some pictures of what you want to sell and upload them onto the app.
4. Add detailed descriptions and set your prices accordingly.
5. Once your listing is live, wait for the purchase
6. Poshmark will then generate a pre-paid shipping label that you can use to send the package off to the buyer.

Shipment Method

When shipping your items on Poshmark, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to get them to your buyer:

• Package your items securely.
• Print out a shipping label.
• Do this directly through Poshmark, or you can use a third-party service like Shipstation.
• Drop it off at your local post office.
• Once your buyer receives their package, they’ll be able to leave feedback for you.

Payment Method

When you make a sale on Poshmark:

1. Funds are transferred to your account immediately after a sale.
2. Once the buyer receives their purchase and marks it as “delivered” in the app.
3. Your payment will be processed and released to you via direct deposit or PayPal.
4. Cash out your earnings through PayPal or direct deposit.

Pros & Cons

• Great deals on clothing and accessories.
• Wide selection of items to choose from i.e. minimalist to high-end fashion.
• High fees that the site charges for listing and selling items.
• Lack of customer service.
• The risk of fraud.




Tradesy is an online consignment store that specializes in designer fashion. You can find everything from clothing to handbags to shoes. They offer a convenient and easy way for users to sell their unwanted designer items or shop for gently used pieces at a fraction of the retail price. Plus, they have a great return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Tradesy takes care of all the logistics involved in the selling process, from shipping and photography to customer service and fraud prevention.

How to use

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Tradesy to buy or sell fashion items:
1. Create an account and verify your email address.
2. Upload well-lit photos with details or flaws in the description of the items you want to sell.
3. Choose your price.
4. Select whether you want Tradesy to handle shipping or if you’d prefer to ship the item yourself.
5. Once your listing is live, sit back and wait for buyers.

Shipment Method

When you list an item on Tradesy:

• A shipping label will be given to you to send your items.
• Print out the label.
• Attach it to your package.
• Drop it off at any USPS location.
• Using a shipping service that provides tracking and insurance, like UPS or FedEx for safety.
• Send the tracking number once you’ve shipped the item.

Payment Method

In order to get paid on Tradesy:

1. You’ll receive an email notification when someone makes a purchase.
2. Ship your item (if applicable) and receive payment via PayPal once the buyer receives and approves the item.
3. You will be paid via PayPal within 5-7 business days.

Pros & Cons

• Earn good money.
• User-friendly.
• You get paid quickly.
• The commission of the sellers keeps on increasing.


The RealReal

The RealReal

If you want to hunt for luxury items, The RealReal is the perfect solution. You can find unique items from top designer labels like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci at this store. The wide range of products includes designer clothing accessories and home decor and art as well at a very affordable price. You can easily buy and sell various products from this consignment store.

How to use?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using their services:

1. Create an account online or download the app.
2. Schedule a free home pick-up or drop-off appointment. A Luxury Manager will visit your home to assess your products and give you a free estimate of what they could sell for.
3. Accepted items will be professionally photographed and listed on the site.

Shipment Method

These guidelines will help ensure that your items arrive at our facility safely and promptly.
• Properly package the items for shipping.
• Ship your items via a trackable and insured shipping method.
• Include a copy of your invoice inside the package.
• Email at support@therealreal.com with the tracking information after the package has been shipped.

Payment Method

In order to get paid on The RealReal Consignors should follow:

1. Listed items will be put for sale.
2. When your items sell, you’ll receive 70% of the final sale price – minus any shipping or consignment fees.
3. The RealReal will send the consignor a check or direct deposit within 10 days of the sale.
4. Consignors can also opt to be paid in-store credit, which can be used to purchase items on The RealReal website or in the stores.

Pros & Cons

• Fabulous selection.
• Inventory can be hit or miss.
• You can find nothing in your size or style.
• Prices are so much lower.
• Items tend to sell quickly.
• Be prepared to move quickly.




As one of the world’s largest online consignment stores, LePrix offers you affordable deals on a wide range of selections from new as well as pre-owned products from luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. They have a constantly evolving inventory, so there is always something new for everyone to discover. The store also offers you to buy as well as sell your luxury products to earn some money.

How to use?

LePrix has a very simple consigning process:

1. Create an account online.
2. Schedule a drop-off appointment at your nearest location.
3. A representative will review your items and determine which ones are eligible for consignment.
4. If your items are accepted, they will be listed for sale on the LePrix website.

Shipment Method

When you are ready to ship your items, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account on LePrix.com and go to the “Sell” tab.
2. Click on the listing that you would like to ship and select “Ship Items.
3. Enter the number of items you are shipping and click “Calculate Shipping.”
4. Select a shipping method and enter your shipping information.
5. Click “Continue to Payment” and enter your payment information.
6. Review your order and click “Submit Order”.
7. Your buyer will be notified of shipment and will receive their items soon.

Finally, You must be able to ship your sold items in under 3 days to the buyers.

Payment Method

1. Create an account as a consignor to get registered.
2. Start listing your items.
3. Provide them with detailed information about your products.
4. Set the prices of your items to make a profit from the purchase.

Pros & Cons

• Affordable
• Economical deals on gently-used luxury items.
• No-return policy in the store.
• Only accepts cash or checks-no credit cards.



How can I consign my items in a store?

Different stores have different processes for consigned products. Mostly you have to create an account and then submit information and pictures of your products, after approval your products will be listed on the website of the store. Then, you will get a percentage from the sale.

What things can I consign at a store?

Items like clothing, accessories, shoes, and handbags are accepted by a lot of consignment stores. Moreover, some outlets accept furniture, home décor, and art as well.

What will be my earnings from my items?

You will not have specific earnings from your items. Different stores have varied policies, generally, you can earn up to 40-60% of the selling price.

How much time will it take to sell my products?

There is no specific period; it depends on the type of your products, the season, the store’s inventory, etc. to sell the products. Some stores also have time limits of 60-90 days, if your products are not sold they’ll be returned or donated.


Consignment stores have always been there and with the latest surge in online shopping, online consignment stores have versatile options as well. We suggest you visit thredUp and Poshmark among our top five picks because they are worth visiting due to their unique styles. Henceforth, if you are looking for luxury brand labels or deals on daily clothes, you could go through the list of our top online consignment stores that might prove helpful to you and our environment as fast fashion is an imminent threat to our environment.

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