The Use of Technology in Education

Technology in Education

The world is changing rapidly and the only thing that stays constant is change itself. In terms of education, gadgets bring up a slew of new possibilities. This has the potential to significantly enhance and enliven the learning experience. College is one of the most important phases in a student’s life. The faster things change, the more people realize how important it is to combine superior education and current technologies. Today, it’s impossible to picture a classroom without computers, interactive whiteboards, or access to the Internet.

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Technology helps students get more prepared for their future careers and enables teachers to fulfill their educational goals. Education has always been about developing skills like creativity and problem-solving abilities. But now it also means mastering computer programs in order to advance in science, engineering, medicine, or business fields with each new year.


The use of technology in modern education brings many positive changes to the process:

use of technology in modern education brings many positive changes

  • Technology makes communication and collaboration much easier and more productive. Which results in higher rates of success for both students and teachers.
  • Education goes beyond classrooms and traditional methodology since it integrates different kinds of media (e.g. video lectures, manuals, etc.) into one coherent structure like interactive boards and monitors.
  • Modern online educational systems allow providers to establish a flexible schedule taking into account students’ time zones.
  • It stimulates students’ motivation and helps them achieve higher levels in a more efficient way.


The Importance of Use of Technology in Education

In 2011 the Education Commission of the States, a non-profit organization that has been evaluating education systems for over 50 years. They conducted research which had concluded that students with access to technology scored better than those without such access. In addition, schools had better academic outcomes when teachers used educational technology in their teaching methods. Regardless of whether or not they were actually using it. With technology, traditional education also got a boost, and can even have online classes.

Education technology takes many forms: interactive online video courses presented by top scientists and professors from all over the world. Interactive boards allow users to draw graphs and diagrams on screen while recording their actions for future reference. Laptops that can be easily transported from one classroom to another allow students to gain more information. Education is not only about learning but also about developing digital literacy skills which are useful in the future in any profession.

The Education Gap

Regardless of all the technological benefits, there are people who still think that gadgets have nothing to do with education. Education usually requires creativity and independent thinking. Which are difficult to combine with online educational platforms that simplify everything making it more accessible but not necessarily better. The Education Commission of the States research shows that education has always been evolving while adjusting to new requirements set by society, culture changes, etc. Technology may change the way schools work. But it does not replace human relations or their importance in teaching. Education is still the key to future success.

The Education Technology Industry

In 2013 global Education Technology industry was estimated to be worth over $50 billion and It is expected to increase by more than 5% a year. Education technology is developing quickly with the creation of new interactive devices. From tablets that can be used as whiteboards to mobile learning platforms which have turned the concept of education upside down. This has been possible due to constant research into new software and hardware, putting an emphasis on user-friendliness, accessibility, and portability. The education and Technology market will continue growing in the years ahead with no signs of slowing down.

Education Market Size

One of the key features of the Education Technology market is its dynamic nature. Having no “typical” consumer, providers are required to come up with new concepts that will appeal not only to schools but also to parents, students, etc. Education Technology is now no longer just about gaining knowledge. But also personal development can be positively influenced by interactive digital platforms. Education Technology helps connect people. Makes learning an exciting process both for young learners and adults who want to gain professional skills. The Education Technology industry has become a space. Their companies invest a large amount of money to provide their clients with the most innovative equipment available on the market.

Final Words – Why The Use of Technology in Education is important?

In conclusion, technology has made education easier and more elaborative. One can find any type of topic in the online world with just a single tip. Moreover, it is also helping teachers in a way that they can now go more in-depth on the topic. Through technological learning, students can do practical experiments with what they have learned in classrooms. Also, they can make digital notes that could be accessible from anywhere at any time forever.

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