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The Role of Graphic Designing in Branding

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a form of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. In addition, it refers to both designing by which the communication is created and the designs which are generated. Graphic designers are the lifeblood of any business that needs a logo, slogan or marketing campaign. They design symbols and images to represent ideas in an appealing way through text-based work. Graphic Designers combine what would have been two completely separate jobs into one cohesive package with their graphics skills!.

Graphic designing

As we know, it came into existence during 1870’s with the invention of offset lithography printing technology. Prior, all prints were produced manually by applying ink to paper or metal type at a print shop called letterpress . Although, letterpress was doing everything but still it had its limitations. A skillful engraver can only draw a perfect image, requiring a great deal of time and expertise.

The development of graphic design began with the introduction of offset lithography printing technology. Where a matrix that had been hand carved would be used to stamp multiple copies of an image on the press. Furthermore, graphic design before offset lithography also consisted mostly of bold text or very basic line drawings. It became more advanced with the invention of computer aided designs (CAD) in the late 1960s. Which enabled greater flexibility and efficiency in graphic designs.

Why Graphic Designing is Useful in Branding?

Graphic design plays an important role in branding your business or product because it is one of the most effective ways you can communicate your brand message to your customers . They are visual representation of the company’s branding and one can see them on website, social media, marketing collaterals etc. Graphic design enhances the brand message of your business or product. Also, it allows you to build a solid brand identity of yourself, just like what it did for Google, Apple and many others.

Even before branding, companies had been using Graphic designing as their main tool to communicate with their customers. Graphic designers have become an integral part of advertising campaigns. They make sure that each campaign starts out with a well-designed logo and ends up with catchy slogans.

Role of Graphic Designing

It plays an important role because of its communication to your customers about your brand. Graphic design is what transforms words into images that visually represent the company’s branding and messaging. Graphics plays an important role in branding because they give the first impression of the company or product to its customers. It enhances the brand message of your business or product. Graphic design allows you to build a solid brand identity of yourself.

As Part of Marketing Collaterals Graphic Design plays an important role in marketing collaterals. All business marketing strategies should start with a well-designed logo that one can use on all other marketing collateral. It is an essential part of the overall brand identity and gives a visual representation to what the company values and stands for. Graphic designs help companies build a solid brand image which appeals to its target market and successfully brings customers. It has become so effective that companies put more money behind their ad campaigns than their actual product development. We can see nowadays companies spend millions of dollars on TV ads and slogans without even developing the product itself.

Brand Identity:

Graphic Design as part of branding involves creating or selecting a logo that reflects your company core values and beliefs. Furthermore, such creation or logos should be reflected in all marketing materials. Such designs improves the company’s marketing message. It is an effective way to communicate with your customers. It builds a brand identity of your company which will be visible on every single piece of marketing collateral. This creates an overall brand image that will appeal to the customers.

Why Use Graphic Design?

Graphic Design first impression should always be aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it helps bring out the nature of your business whether it’s suitable for children or adults. Its first impression should always be aesthetically pleasing. Such designs transforms words into images that visually represent the company’s branding and messaging, just like how it did for Apple, Google and many other companies. Graphic designs play an important role in branding. Similarly, it allows you to build a solid brand identity of yourself.

Final Words

To conclude, graphics designing is an important part of branding. It gives individuality to the product and uniqueness. Furthermore, the logo design and other front line designs give the introduction to the brand or products. It helps in better understanding and adds professionalism.

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