Do you want to Start an eBay Store? A Guide for New Seller on eBay

Start an eBay store

To start an eBay store is a wonderful opportunity to get into the world of ecommerce. Technology has impacted E-commerce greatly and made it easiest-to-use, gives better results, and made it automated. eBay provides limitless possibilities and is open to all. It has been around for a long time, since 1995 and has positioned itself as an ecommerce “selling partner”. The platform is geared toward vendors, whether you’re selling unwanted things or starting a full-time ecommerce business.

Whether you’re thinking about opening an online shop or just want to sell some stuff on eBay, setting up your very own store may sound like it requires lots of time and money that you don’t have. But there’s no need to worry.

New Launches

In November 2013, eBay opened its beta testing period for new store features and functionality. In March 2014, the company finally launched their new, improved service. It aimed at helping retailers create a professional online shop with ease.

eBay Price Plans for New Users

The eBay Stores feature allows users to start a customizable storefront by selecting from “a few basic plans” without any listing fees or transaction costs. A big difference from the Business Store option that was previously $15 flat monthly fee. Further, given free listings until they reached 200 non-exclusive products listed on eBay – as well as no insertion fees. New users can select from three different price plans: Basic Shop, Professional Seller plan and Anchor Shop. The latter offers additional features for more experienced retail sellers.

eBay New Features

Customers are able to browse through both listed and unlisted items in the newly designed ‘My eBay’ section. This new area is designed with big-picture thinking, as it displays all the information available about your store at a glance. You can even see how many people are looking at your storefront right now.

eBay selling Fees

There are no fees for creating and opening an eBay store. You only pay the same selling fees as when you sell one item at a time according to the plan. However, there is a small fee for storing inventory in your eBay Store: $0.50 per month for each item with a maximum of $250 per month (or $62.50/year).

All changes to your store (e.g. relisting items or creating new listings) are included in the subscription price. It doesn’t charge any additional fees for running your online shop.

Become Part of eBay Community

One of the most beneficial aspects of an eBay store is that it allows you to build up a reputation and become part of the eBay community. Buyers may notice that you’re an established seller and could place larger orders knowing they’ll receive quality goods on time. Whereas those who haven’t ordered from you before can take comfort in using your Store as a platform through which to purchase their products.

Easily Available to Customers All Over the World

When you open an eBay store, your listings are automatically available to the whole world. Helps in reaching a bigger audience than just local customers. This is great if you’re looking to sell bigger quantities or specialize in one specific niche that you’re confident will attract international traffic. Having your own space on eBay also means that buyers can easily find your items by searching for them even when they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.

A Guide for New Seller on eBay

Decide Your Niche

First of all, you have to decide your niche like kids shoes. It will help you in narrowing your idea. The main reason for choosing a specific niche is to use your entire energy on a single niche. You can perfectly attract consumers of the selected product, rather following everyone.

Setup and Start an eBay Store and Give it a Name

After choosing a niche, your second task is to set up your store and name it. Looking at the niche you have selected, give your store a proper direction that is reflects your products. Also, choose such a name that is in accordance with the niche. It looks appealing and will attract customers.

Add Products to Your Store

After completing the above steps, go for products that you want to sell. You can add 12 pictures for every product. Add more high resolution pictures to your product listing so that to give it an attractive look. This can help you to satisfy your customer with the product you are selling.

Set Pricing

Further, you have set such an amount for your product that is perfect to the customers and also you have your profit along with eBay fees. Many of the store owners forget the eBay fees and make no profit at all and went in loss. So be careful about that.

Maintain a Good Profile

Maintaining a good profile is an essential condition to expand your business. It will give you a better customer experience and they will prefer to buy products from your store. It maybe be possible that due to you good gestures they suggest you to other people.

Final Words

To conclude, eBay is a good ecommerce platform that gives your flexible way to sell the product. Besides Amazon store, eBay can also give you enough choices to earn money online. Further, if you are going and many customers are coming to your store, eBay can give you benefits as mentioned earlier. So, do not waste your start an eBay store and earn money.

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