Pet Friendly Stores + free guide (10 Ultimate Dog-Friendly Stores to Shop)

Pet Friendly Stores

The benefits of having pets are numerous. They relieve your stress and anxiety. Pet friendly stores are a source of joy and compassion in this lonely world for humans. Dogs and cats are emotionally intelligent animals; they can sense your feelings, body language, and even the tone of your voice. The global pandemic of Covid-19 forced people to stay indoors and the only company they had was their pets. This made them more dependent on their pets.

Especially dogs provide you with support and a sense of security, which is unparalleled. Pet owners now not only want to take their pets out for walks but they also want their presence in shopping malls, restaurants, and to their workplaces as well. But all places do not allow your furry best friends to accompany you. Though how well-behaved your dogs are, you’ll be asked to keep them outside. Yet, there are a lot of dog-friendly stores which welcome you with your dogs.

James Cromwell once said,
“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life”.

5 Tips Before You Take Your Dog to the Store

Dogs are not typically allowed in stores, however, some stores have started to allow them in. If you are planning on taking your dog into a store, there are a few things you should do first.

1. First, make sure you understand your dog’s behavior that how it reacts in different situations. It is very important because you are the one who knows and handled the pet otherwise things will get messy.

2. You should make sure that your dog is well-socialized and that he or she will be comfortable around people and other animals.

3. You should also always keep your dog on a leash while in the store.

4. It is also a good idea to pack a water bowl and some treats for your dog in case he or she gets hungry or thirsty while you are shopping.

5. Finally, you should make sure that you have a record of your dog’s vaccinations with you in case the store asks for it.

A Register of Dog-Friendly Stores

Dogs are irresistible creatures and improve your emotional stability. So you really want them to accompany you wherever you go. Following are some pet-friendly stores you might want to know before heading out.

The Apple Store

Many locations of the most trending gadget store allow your dog with a leash inside the store. If your dog is comfortable indoors explore the Apple Store with it. Do not take a very long leash for dogs with you; try to keep a short one so that you can take full control of your pet. Moreover, try to go at a time when there are fewer people in the store, which will help your dog to stay calmer. But take information beforehand about the pet policy of the store, to save you from stressing later.


Most stores with pet supplies are pet friendly stores which do not stop you from bringing your pets along. They are practically a pet heaven, full of treats, food, and toys. But you have to keep them on a leash or a carrier and some stores might also ask for their vaccination certificates. But this is a fun place for your pets especially dogs as they can get their services like grooming, dog training, and doggie day camp as well from here. They have a very pet-friendly policy for you to bring your pets along and make you feel comfortable in the store.


You don’t need to always enjoy the company of your pets but sometimes you take them with you because you do not have much of a choice. Though Nordstrom welcomes leashed dogs, you might want to rethink before taking them to the store as it is very crowded, especially during the holiday season. As they won’t give you an opinion on your shopping spree but they can be a handful to manage around the aisles unless they are well-behaved. Contact the store ahead of your visit for their pet policy to avoid any trouble.


The departmental stores have a pet-friendly policy but it may vary from store to store. So you should contact the store before going, to be sure if your dog is welcomed or not. The store is pretty much crowded so if your dog gets stressed out by a lot of people this is probably not the best place to take it with you.

Pottery Barn

The furniture store permits your pet dogs and cats to come inside. But it’s better to call them before taking your pets to the store. They even offer dog-friendly couches and sofas as well. You should put a leash on your dog if you are taking it along with you. Take treats with you so that if they behave well you can appreciate them.

TJ Maxx

The departmental store allows dogs with you to run your errands but call them before leaving for the store for your own convenience. It mostly depends on the store manager and the state policies whether they let your dog come with you or not. The service dogs are allowed with their owners. If you have a well trained dog with a leash on or in a carrier it will not be a problem for you to manage your dog.

Bed Bath & Beyond

The retailer welcomes your pets with open arms. It is one of the stores which is pet friendly and offers you a “Canine cart” to easily carry your pets if they are small in size otherwise you will have to put a leash on them. Some stores even have dog treats on their counters to greet your dog. But keeping your dog in control entirely depends on you. Try to bring them along at times of fewer crowds so that your dog stays relaxed and call the store afore your visit to be sure about the entrance for your pet.


The retail stores offer you full freedom to bring your pet no matter if it’s a service dog or any other. You can shop with your pets comfortably without any hassle. The peace of mind before buying your adventure gear with your pet will help you spend sensibly on the things you require the most. For further reassurance contact the store and take the information about its pet policy before taking your pet for a day out.

Lush Cosmetics

The cosmetic store is strictly against animal testing and is very fond of animals. So, it is very friendly and wholesome when you bring your pets to the store. The staff pats your dogs and even offers treats while you are occupied with the shopping. Some stores which are in the malls are difficult to approach for a pet owner, as big shopping malls do not allow dogs inside them. You should take information from the store about your pet ahead of the visit.


The luxury stores allow pets, especially dogs if they are well-mannered and leashed. Moreover, it does not allow pets in its restaurant, as it is highly unhygienic. You should be able to control your dog otherwise they will remove it from the premises of the store if it barks or lunges on other dogs. If you have an anxious dog, try to keep it outdoors as it can also disturb other people as well. The stores do not have a clear pet-friendly policy so it’s better to be safe than sorry and call the store before visiting.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which prominent stores do not allow dogs?

Costco, Ikea, Walmart, Target, Tiffany’s, and most grocery stores do not allow dogs.

What are some tips to know before taking your dog to a store?

You should put a strong leash on your dog and train it to your cues before leaving for a store. Keep a close observation of its body language if it seems stressed; do not take it to crowded places.

Why are dogs not allowed in restaurants?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow animals in restaurants unless it’s service animals for people with disabilities. This is because they can infect people with allergies and diseases. They are unsanitary as well.

Conclusion – Pet Friendly Stores

Dogs are our companions and they never leave us in times of need. Various cities in America are making their stores and shopping malls pet-friendly so that people do not have to shop in a hurry to get back home for their pets. The pet-friendly stores have increased sales as their customers and pet owners shop carefree and also spend more on buying accessories for their pets as well. More stores should think of changing into pet friendly places to attract more customers.

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