Most Visited Cities in the US: 5 of the must visit US cities

Most Visited Cities in the US

Traveling is a part of life that refreshes the mind and keeps a person energetic. It makes people aware of what’s happening outside their world. Through traveling, a person visits new places, meets new people, knows about their culture, language, and their way of living. Moreover, it also helps them in getting knowledge about the other countries, their art and architecture, and progress in the field of technology.


The US being the world power is also the hotspot for the foreign traveler to visit its cities in bulk. Like many of the most visited cities in Europe and Asia, where people visit millions annually, the US is not lagging in that field. Travelers are also eager to visit the most popular cities in the US.

It is the world superpower and the most modernized country of the 21st century. Which is also a reason for many visitors to travel. Furthermore, some cities in the US have the maximum number of visitors annually. There could be many reasons but the most prominent is the weather, which remains pleasant over there.

Second, they have luxurious hotels and delicious food. Third, they are historically important and have many historic places. Lastly, they are the most beautiful cities having skyscrapers, beautiful parks, and mesmerizing scenarios. According to us most popular cities, I have selected the top 5 most visited cities in the US by foreigners and categorized them based on the most tourists that have visited so far. It will be easy for any tourist to check out these and can decide their trip.

List of Most Visited Cities in the US

Following is the list of top tourist cities in the US. I have categorized them based on the number of tourist’s best travel destinations annually.

1. New York

New York is not only in the US but is in the top 10 world’s most visited cities. Around 14 million foreign people visit that city annually which makes it the most visited country in the world. It is also historically very important as the US famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State buildings are located here. These famous landmarks are part of the US National Register of Historic Places. It has world’s best shopping malls with unique styles. Luxurious hotels and restaurants with snow-like clear and cleaned rooms.

Moreover, they provide delicious foods and accommodations. NYC is also the hotspot for different events and concerts that attract the attention of millions of people. Besides that, the city has famous museums and art gallery that also gains the attention of many people. Lastly, the city is culturally important and is well-modernized; having tallest buildings in the world, and beautiful buildings that reflect their art and architecture.

Visitors Review

Niche on their website has reviewed in such words that NYC is such a diverse city that you will everything here. Museums, subways, artwork, and literature. There is nothing you can’t do here.


  • What is New York Famous for?

First of all, you will find Met which NYC world’s famous art museum, and also the Guggenheim Museum. Besides that, NYC is a historic city that has a lot of historical places.

  • What is the best time to visit New York?

April to June and September to early November is the best time to visit NYC. During those days, the city is less crowded. Similarly, weekends from mid-January to the end of February are the cheapest time.

2. Miami

Miami is ranked second for the most visited cities in the US. Annually, around 9 million foreign people visit the city. A large portion of the Miami population immigrated from Cuba and parts of the Caribbean. That’s why it has a diverse and mixed culture that also makes it attractive. It has a unique location as from one side it is covered by Everglades from the west and Biscayne Bay from the east. Due to such enclosure of the city by water, it has the best beaches in the US.

Moreover, the Latin music there is very famous and at night there are mostly live music parties. It is also the center of world-class sport fishing and the busiest cruise port in the world where people catch a cruise ship and travel through the water. Miami is a rich city in the US, where a lot of rich people live. It is the economic, cultural, and financial center of South Florida. Walking through the streets of Miami and looking at the amazing views and the beautifully designed building is mesmerizing. All of these get together to rank it in the top 25 most visited cities of the world.

Visitors Review

People reviewed Niche over Miami in such words that it is a place for a lot of outdoor activities. The weather is pleasant and the food is delicious. It Has a lot of beautiful beaches and warm-hearted people. In short, everything in the city is great.


  • What is Miami famous for?

Miami is famous for its beaches, nightlife, pleasant weather, and live music concerts.

  • How much money will you require for 4 days in Miami?

Miami is an expensive city. You will need an average of $165 to spend a day. Where $33 will be spent on meals and $32 on transports a day.

3. Las Vegas

In the best places to visit in America, Las Vegas stands at number third. The city is located in the Southern Nevada desert and was established a century ago. It is best known for its neon lights, casinos, and gambling and counts in the entertainment capital of the world. Gambling was at its peak in the 70s and 80s, and still, there is a lot of it. But there came peace a little bit and a city is now a family-friendly place with a lot of Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and other beautiful places that are the attraction for people of all ages.

Las Vegas is home to around 7 million foreign visitors annually. Due to its location, the city climate remains hot but not that much as in other cities. It is the home to 17 of the top 20 biggest hotels in the United States. Moreover, there are museums, events, sports car racing, electronic music, and dance parties. These events are also the main sources of income that come to the city.

Visitors Review

Tracy R reviewed on holidaysplease, “Lovely place so big and colorful my Husband loved it and it is not just a gambling destination”.


  • Is it necessary to pay the resort fee?

No, as per the law, you do not have to pay a resort fee. It’s your legal right to refuse to pay the resort fee.

  • Why are hotel rooms cheap in Las Vegas?

Rooms are cheap because they make the bulk of their money from the Casinos, Restaurants, and Shows. They keep low prices for their rooms.

4. Las Angeles

Los Angeles is the world’s loveliest city. It is the second most populated city in the US and is located in between the Pacific Ocean from one side and mountains from the other. The city is the third-largest economic center in the world after Tokyo and New York. Around 7 million foreign people visit the city annually and are ranked 4th US city with the most tourists.

Los Angeles has around 140 ethnic groups with 86 different languages. All of them have their own culture that results in a unique mixture of cultures. There are different tourist spots like the Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park, and San Gabriel. Also, a lot of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and amazing food. It is the center of motion pictures and the hub of the United States Television Industry. Moreover, the city is home to many celebrities, and catching their glimpse is also a pleasurable tourist activity.

Visitors Review

A resident of LA reviewed on Niche in such words that the city has a lot offer good places, delicious food, and places to explore. There you will see new things all the time. The nights in LA are so amazing and colorful.


  • What if I wear red in LA?

In the city’s area, those people wear red that are part of the Mexican gangs, Mafias, and the crisp rep blue. They typically wear red.

  • Is LA expensive?

According to a survey, Los Angeles ranks No. 8 in the expensive cities. Their five-day vacation will cost you around $165 a day.

5. Orlando

In most visited cities US, Orlando comes in 5th. Orlando has many things to offer to its visitors. It has big shopping malls, beautiful parks, luxurious hotels, Disneyland that was opened in 1971, and delicious foods. Every year around 6 Million foreign visitors head towards Orlando, Florida. Unlike other cities that I have mentioned above, Orlando is much different.

This city offers most of the outdoor activities that are sports. The outdoor activities include; swimming, fishing, boating, and trail for walking and also biking and 170 golf courses for both novice and experts. It is also called “The Theme Park Capital of the World”. Orlando is the best spot for honeymooners with over 90 tourist attractions. It has 5,000 fine restaurants. Moreover, the weather at Orlando remains pleasant, which also makes it suitable for tourists.

Visitors Review

Derek B reviewed Orlando on TripAdvisor that besides all the cities of Europe visiting Orlando was my best experience. Warm and comfortable days, nights, and weather. Even the prices were cheaper as compared to other cities that make it a great place for shopping. Moreover, the foods are delicious and of very low cost.


  • Is Florida cheaper?

Florida is neither cheaper nor the most expensive. It’s an affordable state and ranks 30th most affordable state of the US, according to research in 2018.

  • What are 3 interesting facts about Orlando?

There is no official documentation about its name. It has over 100 lakes. Lake Eola is a giant sinkhole. Church Street Station, also called Old Orlando Railroad Depot was constructed in 1889 and is also the part of National Register of Historic Places.

Final Words

In conclusion, I would say that the above are the top most visited cities in the US and also they are in the top 25 most visited cities in the world. I have categorized them based on the foreigners most visited. Although, all of the cities of the US are famous and people do travel but these cities have more foreign visitors to date. They are historically and culturally important. One can enjoy anything they wished for in these cities.

They are the most diverse cities in the US where you will come up with all types of people. Moreover, as per my choice, I would recommend Miami for its diverse culture. People from different places get together and are living in one city. Moreover, there are beautiful beaches and the streets of Miami are more adorable. In the end, it depends on your choice of which city’s tastes you feel good, select that and start your journey.

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