Most Dangerous Cities United States (11 Dangerous Cities You Must Know)

Most Dangerous Cities United States


The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world. Many people have the American dream of success and prosperity. People of different races and ethnicities live in this widespread country. It provides people with opportunities yet their lives are not safe in the country. But what are some most dangerous cities United States have?

Various crime trends have become a common occurrence in different cities of the US. In case you are passing by, thinking to settle or travel, here is something you should know about these dangerous cities of the US. Be cautious while you are in these cities.



1. Monroe Louisiana:

Monroe Louisiana

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 19
Rape 11
Robbery 154
Assault 1,219
Burglary 649
Theft 2,065
Vehicle Theft 193


Monroe is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities with the highest crime rates. The abrupt 60% increase in violent crimes like murder, robbery, rape, and aggravated assaults is quite alarming. The city police department blames the Covid-19 pandemic, possession of illegal firearms, and surging drug addiction for the advancing crime rate. Every 1 in 34th person in Monroe is subjected to violence and is likely to become a victim. The statistics of violent and property crimes are elaborately mentioned in neighborhood scout for the assistance of people.


2. Memphis Tennessee:

Memphis Tennessee

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 289
Rape 411
Robbery 2,134
Assault 12,484
Burglary 5,854
Theft 26,098
Vehicle Theft 26,098

Memphis is the third largest city in the Southeastern part of the United States. It is also among dangerous cities in the country. Property crimes like larceny and automobile theft are on the rise in this city amid violence. The drastically increasing crime rate has reached up to 2350 for 100 000 people.  Similarly, 1 in every 17th person has a chance of becoming a victim of property theft. The main reason for rising crimes could be due to increased gang activities and poverty in these areas. The violent and property crimes in Memphis are further explicitly stated in the neighborhood scout.


3. Detroit Michigan:

Detroit Michigan

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 330
Rape 685
Robbery 1,850
Assault 11,565
Burglary 4,362
Theft 11,282
Vehicle Theft 5,614


The notorious city of Detroit is quite unsafe if you are visiting it. The people are living in poverty. Unemployment is at its highest in this city, and so are the aggravated assaults and murders. Homicides also increased. Moreover, every 44th person in Detroit can be a victim of these crimes. The escalated crime rate could be caused because it is the most racially segregated population in the US which also increases the sense of inequality and social injustice among people. The crime data of violent and property crimes in Detroit can also be verified through neighborhood scouts.


4. St.Louis Missouri

St.Louis Missouri

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 263
Rape 234
Robbery 1,242
Assault 4,278
Burglary 2,552
Theft 11,626
Vehicle Theft 3,221

One of the historic cities of Missouri has professional residents who are well educated. People from different races and ethnicities live here. But it does have an increased murder and homicide rate. It also has the 4th highest aggravated assault rate as well, which also makes it a dangerous city to be in. Every 1 in 50 people is likely to be subjected to violence in this city. Though there is a decline in the crime rate but property and violent crimes remain the same which puts the lives of innocent people at stake. The crime index of violent and property crimes in St. Louis is also mentioned in neighborhood scout.



5. Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock Arkansas

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 49
Rape 197
Robbery 376
Assault 3,040
Burglary 1,529
Theft 7,174
Vehicle Theft 1,016

The capital of Arkansas is a most populated and dangerous city as well. Crimes like robberies and larcenies are common along with homicides, murders, and property crimes. Every 55th person is likely to fall prey to a crime or property theft in this city. The crimes are associated with its underprivileged neighborhoods because of fewer opportunities and lack of employment. Assaults, burglary, and carjacking have become a local phenomenon in Little Rock. The violent and property crimes of Little Rock can further be corroborated through the description presented by the neighborhood scout.

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6. Albany Georgia

Albany Georgia

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 19
Rape 40
Robbery 132
Assault 1,044
Burglary 575
Theft 2,241
Vehicle Theft 340

Albany is the 8th largest city in the state of Georgia. The population has a mix of races and ethnic backgrounds. It is also one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. The crime rate of this city is 161 % more than the national average. People are subjected to violent and property crimes in the ratio of 1 to 56. The risk of living in the city is quite high as violent crimes are 1724 per 100 000 people in the community. The violent and property crimes have been indexed in the neighborhood scout for information and safety of the people.


7. South Bend Indiana

South Bend Indiana

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 28
Rape 78
Robbery 238
Assault 1,422
Burglary 661
Theft 2,524
Vehicle Theft 571

South Bend is a moderate city present at Indiana’s border with Michigan. The city has well-educated and professional citizens. People from all walks of life live here but it doesn’t provide them with a lot of economic opportunities or stability. The poverty rate has risen to 25%, which has also impacted the crime rate as well. The increased rates of homicides and murders have made South Bend an unsafe place to live and visit. Moreover, the rates of violence and property crimes are also mentioned in detail for more information.



8. Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 160
Rape 393
Robbery 1,593
Assault 4,135
Burglary 3,693
Theft 8,804
Vehicle Theft 2,941

The history of Cleveland dates back to World War II. Its community is the second largest in Ohio. The rise in unemployment and poverty has influenced the aggravated assaults and violent crimes among its residents. Every 1 in 59th person is prone to become a victim of these offenses. Violent crimes are on the rise whereas property crimes have declined with surveillance. Still, the city is not safe and especially avoids sketchy neighborhoods. For further information on violent and property crimes in Cleveland, you can get details from neighborhood scout.


9. Milwaukee Wisconsin

Milwaukee Wisconsin

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 193
Rape 436
Robbery 1,948
Assault 6,937
Burglary 3,447
Theft 8,568
Vehicle Theft 4,572

Milwaukee is a densely populated city; hence its crime rate is also worse. Violent crimes like aggravated assault, robbery, homicide, and rape are disturbing the peace of the city. The gang violence is disrupting the lives of people, making it a most violent city. The average number of violent crimes per 100 000 people is 1597 in this city. The city is trying to introduce a program called Cure Violence to reduce the severity of violence in the areas. The crime index can further be verified as well for the reassurance of safety.


10. Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington Delaware

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 32
Rape 22
Robbery 295
Assault 824
Burglary 586
Theft 2,009
Vehicle Theft 456

Wilmington is a historic city with architecture dating back to an era before World War II with a very large community. But its residents are at risk of homicides and property theft. Every 60th person is susceptible to becoming a victim of any violent crime in this community. The poverty rate of this city is 26% which can also be a reason for crimes like larceny-theft and burglary. Additionally, more statistics about violent and property crimes are mentioned in detail also.


11. Florence South Carolina

Florence South Carolina

Crime Data 2022

Crime Rate
Murder 12
Rape 15
Robbery 72
Assault 464
Burglary 323
Theft 1,820
Vehicle Theft 256

Florence is a beautiful city with an ethnically homogenous population. However, it has the highest crime rate in South Carolina. Various crimes are being committed in the city like automobile theft, robbery, rape, and aggravated assaults. The chances of becoming a victim of any violent crime in the city are 1 in every 69th person. Furthermore, property and violent crimes more common in the area are elaborated at neighborhood scout also.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What are violent crimes?

Violent crimes include murder, rape, homicide, kidnapping, robbery, and aggravated assault.

What are property crimes?

Property crimes include theft, burglary, arson, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and shoplifting.

What city in the US has the highest crime rate?

St. Louis in the state of Missouri has the highest crime rate in the US with a 2082 violent crime rate in the year 2022.

What city in the US has the lowest crime rate?

Frisco in the state of Texas is the safest city in the US with only 86 crime rates over 100 000 residents.

How to stay safe in the most dangerous cities United States?

Always trust your instincts when you are out in the city, if you feel unsafe relocate yourself and try to avoid alleys and shady areas if you are unaware of your surroundings.



America land of opportunities also has its downside as well. It is difficult to cope with the growing population, poverty, and unemployment. Racial discrimination also makes people vulnerable to committing more crimes in order to fight social injustices and inequalities.

Additionally, you never know when you become the victim of these crimes. So, function smartly when you are traveling or living in these cities. Try to avoid bad neighborhoods, especially at later hours of the day. If you need to ask for directions depend on a more reliable source like police officers or restaurant owners in those areas. Anyhow be on your guard and stay focused whenever you are out and about!

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