Is a Portable Car Battery Charger Worth it? (A Detailed Review)

Car battery charger

The dawn of technology has started decades ago and it’s grabbing its hold day by day. Technology made our daily life easy and convenient. Like in the past; it was hard to travel from one city to another in hours. Similarly, same were the communications and other means. The world is taking a rapid shift. The modes of traveling are changing too fast and conveniently. Today, everyone is in hurry. They want speedy and productive results. Modern technology has given us many modes to travel, but we will take cars. Cars are the mean of transport that travel longer and faster. So, one of the problems facing by people is with car batteries. As batteries perform the key role. Without batteries, you cannot even start your car.

On one side, if these batteries are beneficiary, they also have problems. After some time, it stops working. As everything has its expiry date. After that, it will not give you the required results. While on the other hand, it is also due to low charge, long-standing and cold weather. If a battery is not working, it doesn’t mean a replacement. Besides, it needs proper care and maintenance. The battery’s charge can also be saved if you disconnect it. Meanwhile, this can’t be done all the time. Today’s man doesn’t have enough time. But, don’t be afraid. Here, I will tell you about some of the best car battery chargers that will help you in maintaining your car’s battery life.

Top 3 best car battery charger that you must have:

I have selected the following best car battery chargers that will give you the best performance with zero error. They are automatic chargers and will help you in maintaining the battery’s life. They will be the friends of your car’s battery. You can take them anywhere and can minimize low battery risk.

1. NOCO Genius1 battery charger

NOCO genius1 battery charger is one of the best selling chargers on Amazon. It is automatic and cheap. Its cost is $32. Why it is best? First of all, it can charge dead batteries. It has a mode that is called ‘force mode’ that enables the battery to work manually. Its significance is that if you connect it to a dead battery it will give continuous charge until you turn it off. Second, it can be used for all types of batteries. Similarly, it has also a mode with fast charging. If, you are in hurry and want quick charging NOCO gneius1 can provide you that.

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2. Battery Tender Junior Battery Charger

Battery tender junior battery charger is the second best-selling battery charger on Amazon. Over 19k customers on Amazon have bought it. With an automatic and digital meter, it tells you the battery level. It is easy to handle and affordable at a cost of $25. It also tells you when the car battery is fit to use. It reduces the risk of overcharging as it gives 0.75 amperes of power and it is also durable. This can be used for all types of batteries.

3. Yonhan Automotive Battery Charger 

It is hard to find a perfect battery charger. But, Yonhan automotive battery charger is the best that can fulfill your requirements. It can work with all types of batteries of 12V and 24V. It has LED, which shows you the percentage of the battery. This charger has got some safety measures that help in decreasing the risks like overcharging, reverse flow, and over temperature. Unlike other chargers, it cannot charge completely dead batteries to work like a new one. It is a fast and variable charger that can do both maintenance and repair at a same time.

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To summarize, if we think of ourselves; our body is a machine that needs maintenance. When we get old or become ill, we start taking medicines. Now, think of car batteries, they are machines too. Over time, they get outdated and do not give the proper result as the new one. They need chargers that take care of them. So, in this blog, I have mentioned some of the best car battery chargers that can prove useful for your car batteries.

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