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If you can make $1, you can make 1 million dollars

In today’s modern, technological and materialistic world, everyone is in the race to earn more money. Everyone has dreams and wants to fulfill them. Sometimes it gets harder to have all of your dreams from your monthly pay. Earning money isn’t that much easy. It requires time, money, skills, and sometimes all.

But, need not worry. Passive earning can help you build your empire. Earning money passively is the way to be your boss. The 21st century is the era of technology where one can earn money passively. They can earn millions in their courtyard to support their family. It sounds crazy but the reality is that you can start passive earning with zero investment. It would be like starting a blog, working in the online store, or writing an eBook, etc. That only requires your precious time and commitment.

As far as my personal experience, passive earning can hasten your earning remarkably. In this blog, I will tell you the best possible ways of earning passive income.

Here is the list of best possible ways of earning passive income

1- Blogging

In this technological world, blogging is one of the best options to earn passive income. It only requires time and consistency. You can have access to your blog anywhere in the world and can earn money. You only need to update your blog with some engaging and fresh content anytime in 24hrs. But, it takes time and you have to be patient.

Neil Patel is a blogger from London. He started his first blog when he was 16 years old. Although, it was not a good one. He started another named, Crazy Egg and continued his hard work and never looked back. Over time, he was nominated among the top 100 entrepreneurs below the age of 35 by the United Nation.

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2- Writing an eBook

Skills are the key factor to earn money. So, if you can speak and write you are the richest person in the world. Writing an eBook is the best option for a person to earn passive income. These are the ways where you can earn with zero investments. You only need to have a solid and engaging topic that touches the audience’s interest. Your writing will bring traffic that will help you in earning.

Amanda Hocking is a fictional writer who publishes her first novel on Amazon. That became the bestselling novel. But, the road to best selling was not that much easy. She was rejected so many times but never lost hope. Finally, after publishing Vampire Novel results in her golden sparrow. So, not to lose hope but to stand firm.

3- Start your Own Ad-sense website

Another way of earning passive income with zero investment is through starting your website. You only need to have some interesting topics and upload it to your website. There should be no copy-pasting. You have to use your thinking and language skills. As I mentioned above, you have to be patient it will take time.

When you get the traffic, you can simply apply for a Google Ad-Sense account. Once it gets approval, Google will display random ads on your website. You will start earning when people visit your website and click on ads. It is indeed the easiest way to earn income passively.

4- Start a YouTube channel

Skills, as I mentioned above can make your living easy and comfortable. YouTube, that can be your platform for passive earning with zero investments. How? if you have a skill of any type that you think can be fruitful and can touch people’s interest. Upload your skillful videos on daily basis and be patient with your earning.

YouTube channels like PewDiePie, BlueXephos, and Smosh, etc did not earn from the starting days. It is because of hard work and consistent struggle brought them to top of the list. These types of work are time-consuming but effective later.

5- Photography

In the 21st century, technology brought everything to the doorstep. It only requires your well and consistency. You can have passive earning by selling your photography. If you have photography skills, then you can use it to earn money.

Steve McCurry is one of the best photographers of 1984. He was a freelancer for over 10 years. Later on, he decided to travel to India. From India smuggled to Pakistan. McCurry produces some images from the conflict in Afghanistan and those were the starting point of his dominance in photography in the world.

6- Sell products

Another way of earning money is through selling different types of products. You can have your online digital shop. Where you can sell different types of digital accessories like eBooks, graphic designs, and many more.  Again, it needs time and over time you can earn in bulk.

7- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of passive earning. In this, you will have to be part of a company. Where you will have their products and will sell those to the customers. In return, you will get your commission. At the start, you will have problems but every problem has a solution. Over time, you will have your team and can earn double, thrice, and many.

Pat Flynn started affiliate marketing in 2008 when he was fired from his job. Later on, he started his own website. Where he got an offer to sell eBooks and will take his commission. After a year or two, his monthly income became $6000 to $8000. Over time, in 2013 his income reaches $40000 to $50000 a month. Today, he is one of the top affiliate marketers around the world.

8- Videos editing

Last but not least to earn money passively. Video editing is a skill that is in high demand in the market. So, if someone has video editing skills, then he can use it as an earning source. One can use online platform for video editing where they can earn in the best possible way.


In the conclusion, passive earning can help you in getting your earning to the next level. All of the ways that I have mentioned above require zero or minimum investment. But, the only thing it requires is your well, time, consistency, and patience.

As far in my view, blogging, own a website, and writing an eBook are the best options for passive earning. Why? Because, first of all, it requires zero investment. Second, you can learn the bulk of vocabulary, which enhances your writing. Lastly, you will be a part of daily happening in society.

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