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Set Up a Store on Amazon

Technology has impacted E-commerce enormously. It has made everything so easy and automated. Anyone can set up a store on Amazon and can deliver products to the customers with just a few clicks in any part of the world. So, if you’re looking into selling your products on Amazon and suddenly realized that it’s not as easy as the ads make it look like. So how do I sell on Amazon? So, here I am to guide you in the proper direction.

Understanding the basics of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

When we talk about selling on Amazon we might sometimes be talking about two separate things: retailing and fulfillment. Retail is actually selling something online through a website. For example, you create an account at any E-commerce website. There you start selling there to customers from all over the world. There are no restrictions whatsoever. It means that those sales that come from those people who simply find you via Google will flow to your bank account unmolested by Amazon’s FBA.

It turns out that there are many pitfalls in trying to get purchases from people who are not already “warm” leads, be it because of the lack of trust or simply not enough information about you. This is where Fulfillment by Amazon comes into play. The idea behind this service is that once a customer has made a purchase through your website, they have now two options. Either they themselves can handle the packaging and shipping of their products. Second, Amazon will handle all of these processes automatically for a little extra fee, of course. And since your buyers don’t have to do anything on their part except click one button when checking out. The ratio of “ship to Amazon” orders is on an average 5 times higher than that of regular orders.

People’s View about FBA

Most people would say that applying for FBA means you’ve given up your freedom so why even use it? Well, you don’t have to give up on anything because once you got approval of the process, you will be able to create more than one seller account. You only need different email addresses, but the same phone number. This then allows you to run two or more businesses at once without breaking any of Amazon’s rules. Make sure that every account has specific tax identifier number (EIN). Otherwise, it will be considered as a single business entity by Amazon and they won’t let you open multiple accounts.

Set Up a Store on Amazon with offers for New Users

On top of that, Amazon has an ongoing campaign that gives you your first $5,000 in sales for free to spend on processing inventory to their new users. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Especially, the customers who offers cheaper prices with faster delivery.

And don’t forget about PPC (pay per click) campaigns which allows you to bid on keywords for your desired search results page placement. This costs real money but brings a new wave of customers from all over the world.

Following are the steps that needs to be followed before starting an Amazon store.

Create a Business Plan

The first step to start an Amazon store is to build a business plan. Your business plan must include your; your mission, marketing ideas, products listing, delivery process and bringing of traffic. You have to clear yourself about all the questions one can face while having an online store.

Select Your Niche

Talking about niche, one can follow any type of niche they have to. But the proper way to select a niche is through proper research, Search for product that are in trending and more people buy it. This will help you first, to narrow down your business and will be easy to handle. Second, you will only go for people that are interested in that very product.

Search About Your Consumers

After completing the above two steps. Your third step is to find out the people that are looking to buy your niche products. Search for those people and platforms and build an idea about them that how can you attract them easily. Also, it will help you in promoting your product over there and can drive enough customers.

Identify Product Suppliers

Last but not the least, after completing the above steps. Your next step is to find those suppliers that are cheaper and can deliver your product faster. As mentioned above, cheaper products with fast delivery can attract more customers. This will auto boost your store and can earn enough money in a little span of time.

Final Words

So, if you want to get started selling on Amazon right now, go to their website and start filling in your personal details – it’s free! Then set up a seller account by going to the top-right menu and selecting “Sell as a Professional”. And don’t forget that your first month of FBA is completely free so you can try out this service risk-free.

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