How to Start a Blog From Scratch? A Way for Passive Earning

How to Start a Blog

How much money do bloggers make? How to start a blog for free? What will it cost to build a website? How many subscribers are needed for making money online? How much time should you spend blogging every day? These are all valid questions when you’re looking to start your own blog.

The truth is that if your goal is to have an income-producing blog so you can quit your job. The only person who will support you is only you. Blogging needs time and consistency, but with the right tools and mindset, anyone can become successful at it. You might be thinking “my only problem is I’m not good enough or smart enough to do this”, but that’s just not true.

Blogging Requires Your Passion to Write

Anyone who has the persistence and willingness to overcome obstacles can be successful at blogging. How many of us have heard of someone dropping out of school? They have started a business with nothing more than a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, and achieving massive success? It’s not easy for sure, but it is possible. There are people who successfully blog from their couch or in the backseat of a car while traveling. How do they do it? They set up systems.

Before starting a blog, get the required information first. So you don’t waste your time roaming aimlessly without proper direction or purpose. That would be pointless, right? How to start a blog is not that hard once you know about the proper direction.

Here are some of the tips you have to Before starting a blog

1. Identify Your Goals

Here is the first thing to start a blog. First, you have to identify your goal. This means that you have to choose your niche like technology, education, fashion, food, and marketing etc. Your goal will define your blog and will narrow down your idea. Select such a goal that better defines you and you have enough knowledge or can get enough knowledge.

2. Define Your Passion and Give Yourself a Reasons

After choosing your goal or niche. Second, you have to do like setting for a while and think about your selected niche. Define your niche that why you are selecting it. Similarly, note down some tips, tricks, and reasons. This means that crack down or narrow down your idea about the niches you have selected.

3. Figure out What Inspires You

Third thing is that after selecting a niche and building an idea. You have to find out things that inspires you. Means that in your niche narrow down to such thing that are more known to you. This will help you in building your idea more elaborately. Further, such writing will be of your interest and you can do it in a better way.

4. Choose Your Topic

This is the first step to start your blog practically. After you have selected your niche and build an idea. The next step is that for a perfect blog you have select a perfect topic. Sit and think of such topic that is in trending and people often search it. This will help you in driving more people to your blog. Your topic must be an eye-catching and engaging.

5. Avoid Distractions

To build a perfect blog you have to be focused. When you are writing about a specific topic try to stay at your line. Like if you are writing about robots then give information about robots not something else. When someone is reading your blog they must have to feel like in the same boat and going in one direction. When you are deviating from your topic, it will badly effect the reader’s experience and they won’t try read your blog again.

6. Blog Sharing

Its the final step after you have wrote you blog. Blog sharing is an off-page SEO that is for driving traffic to your blog. After completion, you have to find out your niche platforms or other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and share your blog. The people who are interested in reading your topic will come. Blog sharing will help you in increasing your readers and can generate more income.

Final Words

To conclude, starting a blog is as much easy and difficult too. If you have to choose a proper way as discussed earlier than you can easily grab it. But, if you haven’t plan anything and started a blog you will face a lot of difficulties at every step. So, need not to worry and start writing. One thing more, as we know that content is the king. So, build your content more elaborately, concisely and be in one direction.

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