How to Share Your Blog?

Blog Sharing

Do you want to learn how to increase blog traffic by sharing your new posts with readers? Blogging is all about growing and engaging an audience that wants to hear from you. Who will come back and read your next post. Blogging isn’t like a magazine or newspaper where knowledge is spoon-fed to its audience. It requires work on the part of both the blogger and the reader. Bloggers need to take the time to write high quality content that their readers will find useful or entertaining enough to share with others. Readers need to take the time needed each day or week to visit blogs. See if there are new posts worth reading, read them, then share within their own social circles.

Ways of Sharing Blogs:

The good news for bloggers is that there are a number of things you can do to make your blog posts in front of readers. Blogs on Blogger, WordPress and other popular blogging platforms provide tools for sharing recent posts on social media sites. Sending out automated email notifications to people who have signed up to receive updates from you. Also, you can display your most recent posts in a sidebar area. Where they’re visible even when the visitor isn’t looking at the page that contains your latest post.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when crafting blog posts that will inspire sharing:

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Put something controversial:

Put something controversial into your post, then follow up with a counter-argument. Your readers love having conversations about what you write. They will often engage with your content by leaving comments on the Blogger platform or via email. Provide links to articles that support your points of view. Make yourself available for interviews where bloggers want to talk about what you’ve written. Blog discussion is another way for new readers to find out about you and how popular a post has been.

Use Catchy Title:

Write a compelling title or summary that makes it clear why people should read this post right now. Whether they find your post via social media, Blogger’s built-in reader or Google search results. Readers tend to take a quick look at your headline and decide whether to keep reading right away. If the first few sentences don’t engage them. They’ll click on one of the links below your article that will show preview snippets for other posts.

Put Feature Images:

Feature images that catch your eye when you visit someone else’s blog. Make sure that each image reflects the content of your post in some way. Blogging isn’t just about words; readers also want to see photos and videos. Use services like Flickr, CuteQuote and Pixabay to find free images for use in your posts.

Sharing on High DA and DR sites:

Blog posts often go on to become popular on sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and Reddit. You can even submit links to Blogger posts via email for inclusion into Blog Lovin’. Getting onto these ‘popular content’ websites can give a massive boost to your site’s traffic. So, keep an eye out for sites that accept submissions from bloggers. Include keywords within your post without sounding too stiff or unnatural.

Final Words:

At the end, sharing your blog at right platform and at the right time also boost your blog visitors. All or some of them may become your permanent readers. You may often have heard that content is the king. Yeah, content is the king but if you don’t make proper off page SEO then this king is not the real one. So, do a proper off page SEO for your blog post and check out for the perfect timing and follow the trends.

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