How Much is Electric Bike and what is a Cheap Electric Bike?

How Much is Electric Bike and what is a Cheap Electric Bike?

With the rise in technology, there comes more advancement in the lives of people. It has changed the conventional ways. The world is forwarding more towards a life that is pollution-free and time-friendly. Just like the transformation of vehicles to electric vehicles. These electric vehicles and bikes have brought a revolution in the lives of people. It also helps in evolving the green climate. So the question arises that how Much is Electric Bike and what is a Cheap Electric Bike?

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Let’s take a look at what is an e-bike and how cost-efficient it is to own an electric bike. Plus we will share some of the details about you can buy these e-bikes and how can you transform your ordinary bike into an e-bike.

what is an e-bike- How Much is Electric Bike and what is a Cheap Electric Bike?

What are E-Bikes?

Electric bikes as the name indicates are those that run through a battery. Unlike conventional vehicles, they have rechargeable batteries. These batteries work as fuels that help them in covering miles. Moreover, the cost of an electric bike is far less than the other. Also, having lower maintenance charges. Moving forward, all e-bikes are not the same.

They have different varieties and qualities. Like as trail riding, quick jaunts, and for daily use, etc. You have to be focused on the purpose of your use and choose specs accordingly. Also, one can transform their bicycle into an electric bicycle manually. Or can check the cost of an electric bicycle on an online store or nearby electric bike shop.

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How Will You Get Affordable Electric Bikes?

Listening to an electric bike, a thought directly strikes: how much is an electric bike? To be honest, electric bikes are more affordable and pocket-friendly. The answer to how much do electric bikes cost is that it ranges from $600 to $9000 and that’s pretty much affordable. They are lower in prices, effective, and lower maintenance charges.

Many electric bike cheapest options are available and have different price ranges. It depends on your selection of specs, quality, and purpose. Moreover, such e-bikes are also environmentally friendly. They have no combustion but an electric power that pushes them forward.

How will you Find the Right E-bike?

This is the more important question. As I have mentioned above, e-bikes have different qualities and varieties. They are different for different purposes. Before buying an e-bike, first, you have to think about what purpose I am buying it for. For use in the plain areas, you don’t need to have a mountain bike but a simple road bike.

Second, in a snowy area or area having mud, you have to buy a bike with fat tires. In short, choosing the right bike for the desired purpose will give you the expected efficiency. Otherwise, the result will not be pretty good and may be costly.

How Much is Electric Bike and what is a Cheap Electric Bike?

What Would be the Cost of Electric Bike Maintenance?

It requires tuning in every six months or after running for 500 miles. The total cost for tuning is about $80 to $100. The cost of tire maintenance is about $8 to $20 depending upon the severity of the damage. Moreover, Brakes and other maintenance cost about $20 to $40.

Furthermore, keeping the essential tools at home will limit the chances of searching for a good eBikes shop. Because you can do it by yourself. It doesn’t have that much complex process.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an e-bike?

One thing that e-bikes need thoroughly is the charging of their battery. Mostly, a single charge can take you up to 15 to 20 miles. Let’s take an example of a 36V battery that has 0.36 KWh. Now, it depends on the cost of electricity to charge the battery. But roughly, it takes around $0.05 to charge a 36V battery.

Calculating the result, it cost $1 for around 300-400 miles. That is pretty much affordable than other combustion vehicles. Moreover, if you want to ride for a long time and want to have a backup. You can keep a spare battery in your backpack to reduce the chances of low power.

Where Can You Find an Electric Bike? Places to find instant e-Bikes

Today, electric bikes are in the eyes of everyone and are a hot topic. I have made a little attempt in providing you with the best places where you can find the quality and best cheap electric bike. Following are the places where one can find them easily.

Electric Bikes Portland

Portland is the most populous city in the US. Where you can find quality and variety of e-bikes at Trek Bicycle Portland Westmoreland. Moreover, they also offer to bring your old bike and get on spot payment to buy a new one. You can click the link to visit their online store or can go to their shop at 6717 SE Milwaukie AvePortland, Oregon, 97202 United States.

Electric Bikes Utah

Utah is the western subregion of the US. There one can find an electric bike in different stores. But my recommendation is of the Salt Lake Ebikes store. They are well-rated and sell quality items. Their shop address is 1035 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States and can also visit their shop online by clicking the above link.

Electric Bikes Austin

Austin is the state capital of Texas. The US, being the center of technology, is also leading in providing e-bikes. There are many stores of e-bikes, but MOD BIKES is the best of all with 5.0 ratings. You can visit their online store from the above link or their store in the city through the address 1632 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704, United States.

Electric Bikes San Francisco

San Francisco is the commercial and financial city of the US. They are also leading in the production of e-bikes providing a variety of electric bikes to their customers. The New Wheel Electric Bikes is providing quality e-bikes. They also offer to repair the old and damaged ones. One can visit their online store through the link above and to their store at an address 420 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States.

Electric Bikes in Chicago

Chicago, on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is a city of the US. It is famous for its architecture. Except that it also has stores of electric bikes. Volton Electric Bicycle Company is a store of e-bikes of quality

variety. You can visit their online store through the link or their shop at an address 6040 Oakton St, Morton Grove, IL 60053, United States.

Electric Bikes of New England

New England is the northeastern region of the United States. It is known for its colonial past and the Atlantic Ocean. There are also big stores of electric bikes having reasonable prices. You can contact Electric Bikes of New England through their online store or visit their shop at 27 Buttrick Rd #6th, Londonderry, NH 03053, United States.

Best Online Shops for Buying an e-bike

Electric Bikes Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a platform where customers can find and purchase items from China. It provides the opportunity to save time in finding the best product of your choice in the market. You can find some of the best e-bikes at this huge store depending upon your requirements. You can also purchase an e-bike conversion kit from Aliexpress to transform your ordinary e-bike into a modern-day electric bike.

Some of the major companies offering their best e-bikes and conversion kits for e-bikes in the market are down below.

Electric Bikes Walmart

Walmart is a famous online platform for any type of items that you need in your daily life. In the same manner, they are also selling quality e-bikes at reasonable prices and will deliver them to your doorsteps. One can also buy electric bikes for kids through Walmart. You can shop an e-bike online by visiting their store at Walmart electric bikes.

Electric Bikes eBay

If you couldn’t find your desired e-bike, eBay will help you in finding and delivering that to your place. It is an online shop where you can easily find an e-bike of your choice at an affordable price. You can visit eBay online store from anywhere to buy an electric bike.

e-bike rear wheel - How Much is Electric Bike and what is a Cheap Electric Bike?


Is electric bike 4 wheels available?

Yes, there are also the best 4 wheels electric bikes available. You can visit AliExpress online store to get them.

Are electric bikes waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof up to some extent just like conventional bikes, and can withstand rainy conditions.

Is it Worth Getting an e-bike?

Yes, an e-bike can be profitable in many ways, First, it has lower cost and maintenance charges. Second, it runs on a battery and has no fuel combustion. Third, it is economical because it needs charging rather than gas or petrol that is costly. Finally, promote a green climate and green energy.

Upcoming eBike that will reshape the World

This and in the upcoming years, more e-bikes will be introduced that will drastically shift the means of transport. Concerning the present threat of climate change, companies tend to promote green energy. The transformation of fuel consumption bikes to pollution-free e-bikes helps in promoting a green climate. Different companies are introducing e-bikes including a well-known company BMW.

BMW Cruise e-bike

BMW is a well-known company and has years of excellence in the auto-mobiles industry. They are now leading in the production of BMW power bicycle gx. They have unveiled their two electric bikes at the IAA mobility show, Germany. Both of these bicycles have better specs and give better performance. They are high-speed electric bicycles with 300 km of range. 

A powered motor and a high battery of 2000 Wh pushes it to reach the highest speed of 60km/hr. You can also manage the speed accordingly. Moreover, it has an interesting design with LED lights and a comfortable ride. The BMW e-bike price starts from $3000 and onward. 

Bosch electric bikes

Bosch company is known for its integrity, excellence, innovation, quality, and customer service. Getting into the modern e-bikes business, the company has brought some of the best innovative products. The recent new Bosch electric bicycle model is now available. This is the ultimate ride that comes with a whole suite of specs and features to make everything from your commute to your recreational afternoon bike rides easier, safer, and more enjoyable than ever before.

With the battery range going up to 60 miles per charge – with a big increase in power – you can go longer without worrying about running out of juice or waiting for recharging time with this durable e-bike by the most respected company in the industry.

Bosch has set out to change that with its new, one-of-a-kind PowerTube 750 Wh battery pack for its latest electric bike. The new Bosch Lithium-ion packs have more than twice the capacity of Bosch’s previous bigger batteries. This allows for more range on the bike during heavy usage. It’s only fitting that their newest innovation should turn heads in this competitive industry by providing riders with an entirely new level of sustainability altogether.


To conclude, electric bikes are modern innovations. Technology has upgraded conventional bikes with rechargeable batteries that are more economical than fuel combustion bikes. They are also environmentally friendly. They do not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) to the environment and help in the prevailing green climate. Furthermore, they have lower maintenance costs and longer durability. Electric bikes and vehicles have changed the life of people and the world and will change more in the future.

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