Birds Eye View Of The World (5 Places To Kick Start Your Memorable Journey)

Bird Eye View of the World

Life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better.Simon Raven

The vastness of this world is incomprehensible, and so is the birds eye view of the world. It will change your perspective and broaden your horizons. The aerial views will enlighten your travel itinerary with the places you will be inclined to visit.
We cannot resist the urge to visit places with snowy mountains, lush green landscapes, freshwater springs, scenetic deserts, and historical landmarks if we view them from the clouds. Moreover, breathtaking views and picturesque scenery draw our attention toward exploring the world.

A Catalog of Spectacular Places from Bird’s Eye View

If you want to explore these incredible views from around the world, there are a lot of travel destinations. However, wander along to see the compilations of some beautiful places of the world you might have not seen before. Time for some adventure let’s travel!

Niagara Falls on Canada Side:

Niagara Falls on Canada Side - Birds Eye View Of The World

The magical beauty of Niagara Falls leaves you charmed. It embraces three waterfalls that flow connecting Ontario Canada to the state of New York in the United States. Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is quite a famous tourist attraction. Summers are the perfect time of the year to plan your visit to Niagara Falls.

A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Niagara Falls:

The waterfalls at Niagara are massive. To get this whole experience of exploring the Falls you have to go big. It might involve a lot of excursions but it’s achievable. You can plan your trip accordingly to your budget through a trip advisor company to enjoy it to your fullest.

Helicopter Rides at Niagara

While visiting Niagara Falls a riveting helicopter ride should be on the top of your bucket list. It hovers you up to 457 meters from the Falls, to experience the bird’s eye view. The views from above will take your breath away for a second but you will never forget them.

Zip lining Through the Falls:

You can always take part in zip lining if you are feeling more adventurous. It will give you an amazing scenic ride towards the Falls at the speed of 70km per hour. It would seem frightening but it’s worth a shot.

Cruise To Niagara Falls:

To closely feel the up-roaring Falls you must take a boat tour. It will prove to be one of a kind experience, when your boat will reach the brink and you will get soaked, you will truly enjoy it. But getting a little wet hurts no one, right?

Recreational Pursuits of Niagara:

Apart from visiting the waterfalls of Niagara, there are many outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and golfing to keep you occupied during your visit. Cycling around the countryside through vineyards and local lands can help you capture the true essence of country life. Hiking through the trails alongside the river could be a refreshing activity. The countryside is full of public golf courses for golfers from around the world.

Local Food and Wineries:

Niagara has a very rich history and food. The numerous restaurants are inspired to serve local cuisines to give you a world-class culinary experience. It has breweries and wineries which produce one of the world’s best wines and provides you with a wholesome experience to unwind during your trip.

The Colosseum In Rome Italy:

The Colosseum In Rome Italy

The Colosseum is a historical landmark situated in the heart of Rome. It is the world’s largest amphitheater which was constructed almost 2000 years ago. It is a monument of the Roman empire. Every year millions of history enthusiasts visit the Colosseum in the desire to relive the ancient history of Rome.

How to explore The Colosseum when in Rome?:

The Colosseum takes us back to the olden times. An arena is a fascinating place that held an average of 65000 people as an audience to witness various contests, plays, and dramas based on the greatest historical battles as well as Roman mythology. The building has weathered over time but tourists still find it amusing. Let’s make a stop and explore The Colosseum.

The Bird’s Eye View of the Colosseum:

The Colosseum is always crowded with travelers across the world. It is difficult to look at the arena at once, so to get its bird’s eye view you will have to get to Oppian Hill just on the northeast side of the Colosseum and you will be amazed by seeing its enormity.

The Guided Tours of the Colosseum:

People who plan to visit the Colosseum can take tour guides with them while exploring its rich history. They can be very informative and interesting as every nook and corner of the building tells a different story. So, tour guides can prove very helpful to learn about all the details. They will take you to the tunnels and arenas with wild animals sanctuary and where gladiators fought.

A must Retreat for Children:

Children now a day are familiar with the enormous Colosseum, ancient Roman history, and stories of gladiators. The tours are designed for families with guides to make them memorable by telling different stories along with visiting various areas of The Colosseum. Your kids will surely be thrilled after the visit.

Eateries nearby the Colosseum:

The Colosseum is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, pizza places, and sidewalk tables. They serve the tourists famous locally sourced meals. The most popular gelato flavors are also served in the same neighborhoods. Best fresh Pizzas are baked in clay ovens to curb the hunger of tourists. If you are craving pizza, now you know a place to be.

Dreamy Cappadocia in Turkey:

Dreamy Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia is a region in Central Anatolia which covers various provinces of Turkey. The region is brimming with historical as well as cultural legacy. Cappadocia is located at an altitude so the winters are quite snowy and summers are hot and dry.

Things you can’t miss in Epic Cappadocia?:

It attracts millions of tourists every year because of its unique landscapes like fairy chimneys, and cave hotels and the exclusive experience of hot air balloon rides is also a popular distraction for travelers. While planning for a trip, you might want to take help from a tourism company to make some reservations in your budget. Well, let’s take a little getaway to Turkey now!

Renowned Hot Air Balloon Ride for Panoramic Views:

The fascinating flying hot air balloons are always eye-catching. Their beauty is enhanced when they fly at sunrise giving you a chance to get an aerial view of the town named Gerome with its tremendous caves. Hundreds of other hot air balloons flying along make you feel like a part of a film scene. But make sure to pre-book these rides as it has become the world’s top hot air balloon destination and tickets are sold out immediately.

The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia:

As magical as the name sounds the existence of fairy chimneys is the result of a geological phenomenon. The landscape will surely mesmerize you as they are a miracle of nature themselves. You can also get its aerial view from above, on your hot air balloon ride. They will surely fascinate you.

Hiking through Red Valley:

Cappadocia offers you a ton of outdoor activities. The red valley is an astounding place to hike through at sunset as the sun’s rays reflect through sandstone and lead you to Rose Valley. You will pass through one of the ancient churches in the caves and experience various rock establishments. What a perfect adventure that would be!

Cappadocia’s Amusing Cave Hotels:

To get a real experience of Cappadocia you must spend a few nights in a cave hotel. They have been renovated with all the necessities for the guest but they were homes of early Cappadocians built in the rocks. The rooms of the cave hotels can now accommodate the tourists to give them a real taste of their travel.

The hospitality of the Cappadocians:

The people of Cappadocia are the friendliest people you will ever meet. They will offer you free guided tours, serve you homemade meals and treat you like family. Their restaurants will serve you kebabs, grilled meat, and world-famous shawarmas and doner kebabs. Turkish people take kindness and hospitality very seriously and help you as much as they could.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia:

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia

The Great Barrier Reef extends over 2300kms to the coastline of Queensland in Australia. It is stretched between Bundaberg and Cape York. Visiting the world’s largest coral reef system listed in the World Heritage happens once in blue moon for a sea fanatic. Conservation and protection of the Great Barrier Reef should be a top priority while visiting it.

An Easy Access to the Great Barrier Reef:

The majestic beauty of the reef is inviting for the explorers. The diversity of marine life is one of its charms. It can be accessed from various points and each point offers its own unique experience. You can discover rich biodiversity along with exploring the nearby islands. How about we take a trip to discover the offerings of the Great Barrier Reef?

Fly to Catch Bird’s Eye View over the Great Barrier Reef:

You can take a picturesque flight across the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands, which can last up to 60 minutes. The views from your big window and comforting aircraft will leave you in awe. Your flight will cover 74 Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach, and the Great Barrier Reef, specifically the Heart reef giving you the most mesmerizing experience of your lifetime.

Snorkeling Adventures in the Great Barrier Reef:

While visiting the Great Barrier Reef diving and snorkeling should be a must-have on your wish list. The Great Barrier Reef is very vast and full of marine life so there are a lot of places to snorkel. You will have to take a boat ride to reach and jump off with your snorkeling gears into the world of the sea. The vibrant reefs, hundreds of fish of all species, giant turtles, and reef sharks will be a spectacular sight to witness.

Luxury Reef suites of Whitsundays:

The Cruise at Whitsundays has redefined the accommodation under the water. They offer you an ultimate room with a view of the outer reef and a sensational aquatic realm to get a perfect experience of the Great Barrier Reef. The stay at reef suites will make your experience more memorable.

Stroll Around the Whitehaven Beach:

The Whitehaven beach is a scenic beach with unique white sands different from many other beaches. You can come to the beach on Whitsundays Island’s coast to relax. The beach has pure white silica sand which can absorb heat so you can take calming walks without worrying about hot sand. But you must use plentiful sunscreen to avoid sunburns. You can reach it by boats, yachts, or even make a stop there while sailing to take some rest.

Dining in the Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Barrier reef offers you a diverse plate of seafood in its restaurants. They will serve you their local staple fish, prawns, and lobsters with local brews. Moreover, there are French, Indonesian, Japanese and a variety of Australian Restaurants on various islands to serve you different cuisines to make your trip unforgettable.

The Legacy of Zaragoza in Spain:

Legacy of Zaragoza in Spain

Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in the Aragon region of Spain with a history of over 2000 years. It was a kingdom with palaces and historical monuments where the Moors, Christian Kings, and Romans ruled throughout history. The city might have been overlooked but its diversity is inviting.

An Incredible Route to Heritage of Zaragoza:

The city of Zaragoza reflects modern as well as historic architecture, present between Barcelona and Madrid. Though it is one of the largest cities it doesn’t attract a lot of international tourists. You can plan to explore it with guides. It does have tremendous churches and fortresses to offer for sightseeing. Let’s explore some heritage and appreciate some tremendous architecture.

The Immense Basilica of Zaragoza:

Zaragoza attracts tourists with the gigantic Basilica which is a religious symbol for Christians. The church has an incredible square structure with four towers and small domes with multicolor tiles. You can appreciate its grandeur from flying above it in a helicopter.

The Moorish Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza:

Aljaferia palace has been given the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a masterpiece of architecture with a blended art of Islam and Christianity. Initially, it was built as a place for leisure for the Taifa kings and near the 11th century, Christian Kings became their residents. Later during the invasions, the palace was used for protection as well. You will noticeably observe the extensions added by various kings throughout history.

The San Salvador Cathedral:

The metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador is a Roman Catholic Church located at the center of district Salvador in Zaragoza. Locals as well as tourists visit the cathedral due to its religious significance. It is surrounded by historical landmarks, museums, and plazas, which also attract a lot more tourists.

The Zaragoza El Tubo:

If you are tired of visiting all the historical landmarks and enjoying the Spanish Tapas in El Tubo. It is a central part of the city of Zaragoza with lively streets and bars serving people their traditional food. The beautiful streets will surely uplift your mood and refresh you.

Conclusion – Birds Eye View Of The World

Life is too short to waste on regrets of the past or fears of the future. If traveling is your passion and brings you peace of mind, it’s time to make a plan. These different places will surely convince you to visit them. But you have to follow Lao Tzu. As he said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Additionally, I would recommend you to visit Niagara Falls and absorb all the wonders of nature it offers you. Secondly, if you are a history buff I would suggest you travel to Zaragoza. It is less crowded and full of historical places to explore. It could prove to be an unparalleled trip but it’s worth spending every dime.

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