Best Shopping Malls of US

Best Shopping Malls of US

Shopping is the world’s most loveable work that everyone does happily. Even if someone is at the heart of tiredness: when it is the time of shopping, they will be ready as they have done nothing in the last 24hrs. Every human has its basic needs in life. If you are a boss or an employee after some time you will need some fresh clothes, shoes and other basic things that you use on daily basis.

As human beings, we have to give time to ourselves, to give pause to the mind and have some refreshment. We must have to buy ourselves some new stuff in a month or two. By wearing some branded, new, beautiful dresses and shoes, brings confidence. When you have confidence you can produce productive outputs.

Furthermore, both males and females love shopping, but particularly females have different types of approaches. If you take them for a whole day shopping, at the end of the day, she will complain that I have not bought this, this and that. They are neither tired of shopping, nor can they complete it in one round or from a single shop.

But here is the solution. I will tell you about some of the best and biggest malls in the US that will help you to complete all of your shopping in one round and also without complaining. There you will find and everything that you want to buy of quality and with a lot of varieties.

Top 10 US Shopping Malls 

Here is the list of the top 10 best shopping malls in the US, where you can find everything. It will change your living style and will give you a Hollywood look.

1. Mall of America

Mall of America is one of the biggest malls in Bloomington, the city of Indiana State. It is so big that you will lose your way. Moreover, there are endless options with different varieties. In total there are 520 stores with 50 restaurants.

There are endless chains of stores, Boutiques, and other brands. There is also a separate place for entertainment including; indoor parks and different games.

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2. King of Prussia Mall

The King of Prussia Mall is located outside Philadelphia, US. It is the largest on the eastern side of the US with 3 million square feet of shopping area. About 4-6 of the Great Pyramids can be fitted inside the mall.

There are approximately 400 shops with all types of brands and targeted shops.

3. Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mall is the next biggest mall in South Florida in the USA. It has a different type of approach to its customers. One can find both low and high-priced items. It also has indoor and outdoor shops.

There are also retail shops. One can best approach the shop by downloading the online app. It will give day-to-day information about the shop and new arrivals.

4. The Shops at Columbus Circle

The shop at Columbus Circle is located in New York State, one of the beautiful and busiest cities in the US. It has a beautiful interior and exterior. The mall as a whole gives a mesmerizing look.

There are around 400-450 shops, including; boutiques, tailored shops, brands, etc. There are also beautiful restaurants with delicious foods.

5. The Galleria 

The Galleria shopping mall is located in Texas, USA. It is the best mall to fill your shopping bags in a limited time with quality stuff. It has different types of brands like Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others.

There are hotels to stay in and restaurants to eat finger bite foods. Moreover, they also have their outlets on Facebook and Twitter where you can be in contact with them.

6. Via Bellagio

Another beautiful mall, located at the beautiful sight of Las Vegas, the city of Casinos. Top brands like Prada, Fred Leighton, and Fendi, etc are present here.

Here you can also find a lot of Men’s fashion and other art print shops at the Gallery store.

7. The Grove

The Grove mall has the best fashion, dining, lifestyle, and shopping destination in Los Angeles. It has beautiful home accessories, clothing, beauty, and more. Here you will experience Hollywood style.

So, take a deep breath, tight your laces and start shopping. You will complete the shopping but will never reach the end of the mall.

8. Tyson’s Corner Center

Tyson’s Corner Center is located just outside of Washington, DC. It is the largest shopping mall in Washington. It is known for its luxury retailer shops, home accessories, hardware restoration, and also a playing area for children sponsored by National Geographic.

A lot of people come here at weekend from all across the country.

9. South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is located in Costa Mesa, California that is located on the West Coast of the United States. It is the largest mall on the west coast. There are 270 boutiques, 35 restaurants, and next-level furniture shops.

This mall has a maximum number of sales all over the US. You can buy here anything from shoes to home furniture.

10. The Mall at Short Hills

The Mall at Short Hills is the next-level shopping destination in New Jersey, US. It has a large number of stores of 180-plus. There are different shops for different ages of people from children to grandmothers.

Also, there are gem shops including Gucci and J.Crew. Moreover, there is no sale tax on clothing in New Jersey, which makes clothes a little cheaper for customers.


To sum up, all the shopping malls that I have mentioned above are the best in the US. They all have varieties and quality. You can have all of your shopping from a single mall. These malls give you a bright opportunity to have all of your goods in one place.

You don’t need to go from shop to shop and buy a single item. So, don’t waste your time; get ready, tight your laces, choose your favorite shopping mall, and start shopping.

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