13 YouTube marketing tips to Rank your videos

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is a great way to get your message out there. It can strengthen your brand and build even better relationships with customers than before. YouTube marketing is very engaging and allows the users to share thoughts about product or service. YouTube Marketing is not just video marketing but includes the whole YouTube strategy, including YouTube SEO (search engine optimization), advertising, marketing, video optimization, tips ranking, increasing YouTube search Google+ Hangouts on Air Livestream Social media marketing Facebook, Twitter, etc.

1- Optimize your videos for mobile first!

Your first step should be optimizing your videos for mobile devices. Mobile first means that not only will the mobile user see the best result. The search engines are using it to rank you higher. So start by creating a great experience on your website for mobile phones and tablets too. Its important because, if you have an amazing video but it’s not optimized correctly then no one will watch it.

2- Create YouTube Ads

YouTube ads can help you grow your YouTube views. You can spend only a few dollars and see the results by using YouTube ads to drive more YouTube subscribers and YouTube views. YouTube ads are a great YouTube marketing strategy. YouTube provides a lot of information to help you optimize your YouTube ads. This increase YouTube views with better YouTube rankings.

3- YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second biggest search engine just right after Google. So it’s important for you to keep better YouTube SEO for YouTube videos. YouTube automatically puts keywords in the video’s description but they are not enough. Many people rely on YouTube to find new services or products. So make sure you use more than one keyword in your YouTube video’s title and description.

4- Add signage to your videos.

Be sure to add an annotation or sign in at the beginning of your video. So that people know what brand is sponsoring the video. It’s best if you add text along with a logo so YouTube users can tell it’s from your company. Make sure when you add the YouTube annotation, it does not interfere with the main purpose of the video.

5- Increase Ranking With Social Media

If you want to be found by new people on YouTube then social media is great for this task. People love sharing videos from different websites they discover. So share your video from various sources. This will increase its ranking significantly. YouTube is not the only place where YouTube videos are watched. The users watch YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter and many social websites.

6- Cross Promote videos on Facebook/Twitter

Do a cross promotion with other YouTube channels you are either a part of or not a part of for bigger exposure, it’s obvious that the bigger the audience you have, the higher your chances to become popular among YouTube users.   

7- Do YouTube Hangouts on Air

YouTube has a feature called “Hangouts On Air”. It allows you to broadcast live video streaming of an event or interview with participants from anywhere in the world. You can ask your audience questions during this event and see who answers them correctly. It is just like holding a TV show with guests.         

8- Add annotations

Annotations are equally important as YouTube ads. They help increase views because viewers are engaged with your YouTube video by clicking on them. Which will take them to another YouTube video or website. Annotations are called YouTube annotations because they work the exact same way as YouTube ads.        

9- Make YouTube Channel Art

YouTube channel art helps you stand out from the rest of YouTube videos. This is where you become creative and different. You can use it as an image that has links to your other social media pages like Twitter, Facebook etc. YouTube channel art should help viewers understand who you are and what service/product do you offer.

10- Create a custom thumbnail

This is a crucial step in your YouTube strategy as it will be the first thing users see when visiting your video. So create a great looking thumbnail that attracts people’s attention!               

11- Use YouTube Cards and End Screens

These tools are very beneficial for YouTube channels who want to promote their websites or other videos. You can use YouTube cards for this task because it includes a title, description and thumbnail image of the card.   

12- Reply to all comments

If someone takes time out to leave a comment on your video, then reply back. This will make him/her happy and the impression that their opinion matters. It might also encourage them to become YouTube subscribers of your YouTube channel.          

13- Offer Give away!

Create interesting contests from time to time and offer prizes for the contest winner so that you can increase engagement with your channel.

I hope these tips will help you rank higher on YouTube and attract more customers! For more information about how to increase videos ranking on YouTube check out our blog post about ” Increase youtube views “.

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